Former New Orleans Saints Player Tyrone Legett Puts 300+ Families Into Homes & Opens Black Owned Grocery Store

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Former NFL player, Tyrone Legett is now making power moves off of the field with his passion for rejuvenating broken communities in Louisiana.

After Legett’s NFL career ended with the New Orleans Saints, he decided to stay in the area and began Legett Construction with a plan to build affordable homes for low-incomes families.

“I saw a need here and I wanted to help provide solutions. 64% of the residents were renters and most of the jobs were service jobs. Without a realistic path, many of these hardworking people would never be able to own homes. They deserved to own their homes. The opportunity to own your own home is the best part of the American dream. It should be available to all people.” – Tyrone Legett

Legett Construction has built homes all over the Greater New Orleans Metro area and Baton Rouge. His company has brought other minority construction companies into the fold by contracting them to share work opportunities. Legett has built hundreds of new homes and has housed over 300 families.

“Mr. Legett is not just building homes. His commitment is much deeper than that. Working for him, I have learned his greater passion is rebuilding Black families. He gets it. The consequences of poverty and the stronghold of financial debt. He is on a mission to help people turn their lives around” – Joyce Burges, Leggett Construction Administrative Assistant

Burges is a former City Councilwoman in Baker, Louisiana, she says Leggett’s ideas were so well thought out that she could vividly see his vision to restore the community.

“He not only had the resources but he had a plan. A clear plan that would hire people, rejuvenate areas which were deteriorating, but he also had the tenacity to fight the kind of opposition that would surely come his way.” – Joyce Burges

Legetts work didn’t stop there, he went on to open the only Black-owned grocery store in Baton Rouge, LA. The store is a way for residents to get affordable groceries while providing jobs and work opportunities in a low economic area.

“It was the best fit for this community. Not only have we created jobs in the store but we continue to motivate our workers to think bigger than Save A Lot. This store should be a stepping stone. It should not be the final step.” – Tyrone Legett

Tyrone Legett is making a difference in major ways, continue to uplift your community and keep #LivingCivil!



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