Former Black Panther, Elaine Brown Has Been Awarded $3.75 Mil After Assault From Oakland Councilwoman

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Former Black Panther, Elaine Brown will receive $3.75 million in damages from Oakland, thanks to Councilwoman Desley Brooks. Brooks and Brown got into a physical altercation at a downtown restaurant and after a day of deliberation, the Amanda County Superior Court agreed with Brown on every issue regarding the case.

According to records, Brooks attacked Brown without any justification and Brown never threatened her, this assault represented elder abuse. The amount awarded will cover damages for pain and suffering. The jury plans to meet next month to consider any other additional punitive damages.

Brown said she “is very grateful for the jury verdict because it’s going to protect the elderly.”

The city is being held responsible for the damages because Brooks was fulfilling her duties as a city employee. According to the San Francisco Gate, “Brown said Brooks followed her to another part of the restaurant and, after more arguing, told her “I have not moved on you before because you’re old,” shouted a profanity and punched her in the chest with both fists, sending her sprawling over a stack of chairs onto the floor on the back of her head and shoulders.”

Brown was awarded $2.4 million for past pain and suffering and $1.375 million for future suffering but criminal charges against Brooks have not been filed.


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