Flint Water Is Headed Back To Normalcy

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Flint’s water is finally heading back to normalcy, the levels of lead no longer exceed the federal limit. This is amazing news for the country and the cities 100,000 residents who have been dealing with the water crisis.

According to a letter from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the 90th percentile of lead concentrations in Flint was 12 parts per billion from July through December – below the “action level” of 15 ppb.

This is good news and the result of many partners on the local, county, state and federal levels working together to restore the water quality in the City of Flint. The Flint water system is one of the most monitored systems in the country for lead and copper, and that commitment will remain to ensure residents continue to have access to clean water.” – Heidi Grether (Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Director)

The state acknowledged this problem in October 2015, noticing that lead from old pipes leached into the water supply because corrosion-reducing phosphates were not added due to an incorrect reading of federal regulations.

The water crisis has caused a lot of mistrust between the residents and their government. The lead was detected in young children, and 12 people died from a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak that experts say was linked to the poorly treated water.

The residents of Flint are still being told to continue to use faucet filters or bottled water because an ongoing mass replacement of pipes could possibly spike the lead levels in individual housesFlint’s public health emergency began when officials failed to properly treat lead lines for corrosion.

The remarkable improvement in water quality over the past year is a testament to all levels of government working together and the resilient people of Flint helping us help them through participation in the flushing programs,” he said in a statement. “There is still more work to do in Flint, and I remain committed to helping the residents recover and restore their city.” –  Governer Rick Snyder


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