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Father and Son Graduate From College Together

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The #blackgradmagic has been inspiring this graduate season. A number of black graduates and their stories have been impeccable. At William Paterson University’s graduation, a father and son walked across the stage one after the other.

“It has always been my dream, my goal to finish college.” – Duvinson Jeanty via CBS 2 New York.

Duvinson is a Haitian immigrant who had been in school for some time. He completed his goal when he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in finance after studying for 10 years. Duvinson wanted to go to school but like many other immigrants, he had the responsibility of taking care of his family first. Instead of going to school full-time Duvinson took one class at a time while also driving a bus for the New Jersey Transit.

His son, Benjamin Jeanty graduated with his bachelor’s degree in psychology.“My dad has been a big inspiration for me,” Jeanty told CBS. Benjamin told Fox News that “he gave us the example that we should always look to better ourselves.”

Jeanty worked for 3 years after high-school and was inspired to go to college by his father’s dedication to education.

“I [started] making good money, and making money is cool, but how am I serving the community? How am I helping others?” – Benjamin Jeanty

Jeanty was unable to answer those life questions so he quit his job and found a position that would allow him to work with special needs children and then he hit the books! Jeanty decided to attend William Paterson because his father was already enrolled there.

Now that both Bejamin and Duvinson both have degrees they say their work isn’t over. Duvinson plans to go into the real estate business while Benjamin will work full-time at a school for special needs children.

Congrats to both of these men for beating the odds, from generation to generation!



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