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Fashion Spotlight: Tyler Bailey’s Custom Shoes

By Posted on 0 2 m read
Most shoes are made for walking, but Tyler Bailey’s shoes are made to grab attention. Live Civil Spotlights Tyler Bailey, the designer of Tyler Bailey’s custom shoes. Bailey’s custom designed shoes have been seen on noted celebrities as Toya Wright, Mya, Wendy Williams and Mrs. Obama’s assistant.
                Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Tyler Bailey has always held an interest in fashion. He shared that he would get a “rush off shopping and putting pieces together.”Nonetheless, Bailey took a special interest in footwear. He explained that at the time of starting his company, there were not many versatile shoes and the shoe market was not competitive.
Shoes created and designed by Mr. Bailey  not only to grabs one’s attention, but to tell a story. The designer, who has traveled to various sectors of the world, is inspired by buildings and monuments. A host of Bailey’s designs have been inspired by the pyramids and landscape of Egypt. Bailey added that his shoes often reflect his moods. Shoes that are created with bright colors, are usually designed when he is happy and excited, while those shoes that are dull in color are made during times when he is down. However, whether  it is a happy day or a day Tyler Bailey is joyously reflecting on a specific part of the world, it is without a doubt a bold, breath taking shoe is created.
Tyler Bailey will be launching his full collection in Spring of 2013. One can visit to inquire about custom shoes orders. Follow Tyler Bailey’s shoe company on twitter @tylerbaileyco and on instagram: tylerbailey


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