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Fashion Spotlight: Bass – Quiat By Ron Bass

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With that new Bass- Quiat on, who but Jay. The world has been buzzing about whom and where did the current emergence of artistic hats seen on Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz come from. Question no more, Ron Bass is the talented designer and creator of Bass- Quiat.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Bass grew up  the athletic type that only wore sports apparel.  He shared “I was comfortable and content in my sports clothes.” Nonetheless, when Bass entered his freshmen year of college, his mom persuaded him to make over his look.  Bass reflected on how his mother would tell him “Get a pop of color in your look.”  Searching for that pop of color, Bass decided he wanted his “Pop” to be personalized to his interests. Bass explained “I have always loved art and I wanted to be different and  not like everyone else, so I started to create my look.”  Bass’ notion of creating his own look, ultimately lead to the creation of Bass- Quiat.

Bass- Quiat can be best described as art meets fashion.  The artistic detail of the line’s hats and varsity jackets are quite appealing to the eye.  Bass designs and paints each piece that he produces individually with an array of bright colors and free-hand designs. The designer shared that he is connected to each item he produces. He wants his consumers to feel and know that their product was particularly made for them.

When learning that Hip-Hop Icon and entrepreneur Jay-Z wore Bass- Quiat at a major event, Bass shared “There was not a word in the English dictionary to describe the feeling, and it still is not.”  The motivated and upbeat designer explained that it was not the reality of a well-known celebrity wearing his product that gave him a rush, but the artist to artist connection. Bass was ecstatic that Jay-Z valued his hard work and motivation on the same levels that he valued Jay’s lyrics of struggle, hardworking and inspiration.

Ron Bass plans to debut a whole collection in 2013. The young designer plans to bring more art into fashion and “get the juices running for other young designers.” The artistic mastermind Bass- Quiat makes it clear that he does not believe in competition. He radiantly stated, “I am here to inspire, just as I have been inspired, everyone has their own talent that sets them apart from others in this fashion world.”

If  you are is looking to “Upgrade” yourself as King Bey did, Bass- Quiat can be purchased from One can follow the journey of Ron Bass on twitter and Instagram @IAM_RONBASS!


Photo Credits:

Ron Bass Instagram: Iam_RonBoss

Swizz Beatz Instagram: THEREALSWIZZZ

Rita Ora Instagram: Ritaora

Beyoncé Knowles Instagram: baddiebey

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