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Live Civil Chats It Up With Internet and Graphic Design Sensation @PeejeT

By Posted on 3 4 m read

Patrick of, @PeejeT on Twitter, has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most popular bff’s practically overnight. From being boo’d up with a number of celeb women including Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, and Teyana Taylor, to hangin out with Hov, Ye and Kobe Bryant, Peeje is really living the life you wish you had….Or at least he knows how to make you believe it.

Peeje is a graphic designer that has gained a large amount of notoriety from his viral photos of celebs that he’s edited himself into. You’ve no doubt seen the photo below before of him intimately holding Beyonce on her most recent GQ cover, but that’s not even scratching the surface! We got a chance to link up with Patrick for a quick EXCLUSIVE Q&A only on

An intimate moment with Bey and....PeejeT?? #Scandal


Live Civil: Alright, lets start with the basics, where are you from, where do you live and what’s the story in between?
PeejeT:  I’m originally from New York, but moved to Kansas when I was young.  I’ve been out here since and I actually plan on making the move back to NYC this summer.  I’m hoping this little attention I’ve been getting can help me make the jump.  *Cough cough “looking for work” cough cough*
LC:  We’re actually going to come back to that bit about work in a little bit! You’ve become widely known for your hilarious and VERY well crafted photo-bombs of celebrity moments, how did this whole concept come about?
PT: Back in the day I used to make stupid pictures of myself where I’d just put my head on different peoples’ bodies in Microsoft Paint.  They were horribly done, but I just made them to make my friends laugh.  Eventually I got Photoshop and started to teach myself how to use it.  I would still put my head on peoples’ bodies but they would be much more realistic looking.  I got pretty good at it and I tried to Photoshop my whole body into a pic and next thing I know I’m doing interviews with Karen Civil, ha.  At the end of the day I still do it for the same reason.  I love making people laugh when they see my dumb pictures.
LC: Lol well, we definitely enjoy your work, and it’s not just us! What was it like when you started to notice that OTHER people were taking notice?
PT:  It was pretty crazy when people started taking notice.  It pretty much happened overnight.  I just started pumping out all these pics of me with people like the Rosa Acosta and Draya Michele saying “Follow PeejeT”.  They would retweet them or post them on instagram and it all just sorta snowballed from there.  People ask me all the time to make pics of them and their favorite celebrities, but when they started asking for pics with me I thought it was pretty cool… and ridiculous, ha.
LC: Yeah you’ve pretty much become a bit of a celebrity in your own right.  A lot of your photo’s seem to center on hip-hop and pop culture as you’ve been “seen” in photos with everyone from Rita Ora and Blac Chyna, to Bey and Rihanna, and even the President and First Lady, how do you decide what are the best photo ops to be a part of?
PT:  I usually make pics on whatever is trending on twitter during my down times at work.  If I’m bored I’ll just see what people are talking about and I’ll make a picture about it.  So if I’m hanging around and everyone is talking about the Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian situation I’ll hop on the internet and search for pics that I can work with.  I actually never even heard of her before I made that pic.  She’s pretty hot, though.  What up, Rita?
LC:  You mentioned Rosa Acosta and Draya retweeting and reposting your pics,  have any other celebrities featured in your photos directly commented or reached out to you either in protest or support of your work?
PT: I’ve had some celebrities comment on my work.  A lot of people in the music industry have shown me love.  I don’t think Jay-Z would be too big of a fan though, ha.  Rihanna has got to be a little creeped out at this point, too.  Blac Chyna did post me on her website saying “Whoever this white guy is.. is funny! LOL”.  Ha, I’m glad she liked the pic, it is one of my favorites.

PeejeT catches a ride with Blac Chyna

LC: I remember when I first saw that pic, I diiieeeedd!! Lets switch it up a bit though, you also do other graphic design work outside of being caught out with all your celebrity friends, what are your plans for Peejedesign on the business end?
PT: Yeah, I have a decent little graphic design business growing.  I’ve been told to pursue commercial advertising.  I think it would be hilarious if having PeejeT in your ads, album covers, videos, etc was the next big thing.  I’m gonna try to take over the world.
LC: That’s what we’re all about here at Live Civil, grinding for those big dreams! For all of those that read this and are new to you we’re going to include a link to your instagram page. Your account there is almost a year old by the way, do you have any special cameos planned for the birthday milestone?
PT: I had no idea my account is almost a year old.  I definitely gotta do something for that.  Stay tuned.

And there it is! Peeje is definitely an example of using a social network to your advantage, if you want to see more of his work check out his Instagram page which is viewable online here or you can search for him in the app at PeejeT. To see his graphic design skills and contact him, be sure to head over to his page


EXCLUSIVE PeejeT and Karen Civil pic kickin it couture at the crib



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