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Evelyn & K. Michelle: The Victims or The Aggressor?

By Posted on 32 3 m read

On last nights episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta singer K Michelle told her story of abuse that came from Producer Memphitz. And over the weekend Basketball wives star Evelyn pressed charges against her husband for assault. Are these results of two females that come across as aggressive? Or just a case of men who can’t keep their hands to themselves?

Evelyn has been seen on tv time after time antagonizing various women to fight and reminding them that they’re a “non motherf*cking factor.” Week in and week out she’s been seen as one of the most aggressive females on the show. But this weekend she had become the victim so it seems after being headbutted by her husband. I can’t justify him hitting a woman by any means nor am I defending it but what role does her aggressive nature play a role in the situation. We only know the part about the headbutt we don’t know if it was or was it accidental intentional (reports say the two collided with each other). We don’t know the full situation aside from a condom receipt and a headbutt. But what if Evelyn was being aggressive to chad and his head collided with hers is he still at fault? Is he still the aggressor if the reports change and say it was accidental?

Then there’s K Michelle on the August 13th episode of LHHATL she told the story of her former relationship in which she was abused mentally and physically in front of a women’s group. After the speech one of her cast mates casted doubt on the validity of the story of abuse because K Michelle’s ex husband has since been married to her friend. Earlier in the season Michelle made it very clear that she’s aggressive and that she’s not afraid of confrontation. But she did something that most women who get abused don’t and that is leave the relationship to better herself.  But this is another situation of we don’t know what really happened we can only do hearsay. It’s hard to explain but most abusers don’t just have one victim they have multiple and if this holds true where are the other women who he has beaten physically and mentally?

Are these the results of women who are just too aggressive? Or men who have control issues?

Are these the results of women who are just too aggressive? Or men who have control issues?

A few months ago Deion sanders was attacked and jumped by ex wife pilar and a friend in which he filed charges and the media ripped him for being afraid but in essence it’s no different then the cases that we’ve just read about.

In either case I hope everyone involved gets the help they deserve. Whether it be the men getting help with their control issues or the women getting help with being overly aggressive when it’s not needed.

There’s no amount of love that should make you want to be with a person who abuses you mentally not physically. That’s not love that’s ignorance. Some people give their abuser too many chances (see Rihanna & Chris?) and things like that enhance a persons chance to repeatedly abuse them.


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