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Essence’s Editor in Chief Fired Because She Didn’t Want to Take the Focus Off Black Women?!

By Posted on 6 2 m read

Former Editor in Chief for Essence Magazine, Constance White, was recently removed from her position for apparently not having the same vision as her superiors. Constance feels that the reason behind her abrupt dismissal was because she didn’t agree with the new approach her bosses at Time Warner Inc. we’re taking by wanting to remove Black women as the focus of the magazine.

Essence Magazine which has been in circulation for more than 40 years was initially Black owned, however in  2005 they were acquired by Time Inc. who then made White EIC in 2005. “Essence needs stability and the brand needs a leader with a vision,” stated White, “Black women are social leaders, culture leaders, we are aspirational and spiritual. Black women deserve the best. Essence is the last place where Black women should be demeaned and diminished.” As of yet Essence Magazine hasn’t made an official statement in regards to Constance White’s departure or who they’re considering for her replacement, but this does raise the question of what the new Essence Magazine will look like. Undoubtedly the new Editor-in-chief will be more malleable to the ideas of the powers that be at Essence, but how severely will that effect the look and voice of Essence Magazine? There aren’t any other mainstream publications in circulation that have been as effective at speaking for Black women as Essence Magazine nor are their any with their level of influence and impact on the Black community. I don’t imagine Essence Magazine turning into Home & Garden overnight, however I am concerned with what compromises will be made and what new messages will be sent using the Essence platform and how the reading audience will react/be affected. Are any of you Essence subscribers/frequent readers, how do you feel about this news of Constance White’s release?


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  • Mary A Lewis
    March 14, 2013

    I Will not be subscribing to or buying ESSENCE as of this email this day.

  • S. Brown
    March 14, 2013

    Essence is one if the only publications WE have that nurture and cater to the life style of today’s black woman. We won’t find skin care products for our array of shades in Red Book, we won’t find hair products and styles for US in Cosmo, nor will we have a publication we could trust to pass on to our daughters. If Essence alters its format, it will change the face of history. They will not only loose my support but most likely the support of most readers who grew up gathering information and perspectives from such an enriched magazine. I am sadden to see White’s dismissal for having a voice that represents so many women. Thank you Constance for remembering the needs of your sisters and friends.
    Peace and Blessings

    • Chrissy B. (Criyonce)
      March 15, 2013

      I so agree with the words of my sister S. Brown. I think to take Black women away as the targeted audience for Essence would be a huge loss for all generations now and to come. We need to work on getting this word to Time Inc. because this cannot happen!

  • Sharon J
    March 16, 2013

    Thank you Ms. White for standing up for your known and unknown sisters!!!! Essence WAS a staple in my household for many years. The magazine presents positive women, stories, fashion as well as inspirational views. It’s appalling to know Time Inc. doesn’t care about their readers. What gives them the impression that the face of Essence as we know it needs changing? I guess this is yet another magazine I will unsubscribe to.

  • Cristen
    February 13, 2014

    Karoline: Fikk aldri kommet meg til Narvesen idag frdi jeg har ve6rt syk, men he5per jeg fe5r tak i black mazgiane imorgen.Thea: Sjekket bloggen din ne5- se5 utrolig hyggelig da…. tusen takk! Fe5r he5pe bloggen min fortsetter e5 inspirere.. god helgSara: Vi fe5r holde f8yne e5pne.. Virkelig must-haves…

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