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Erica Campbell’s Daughter Sheds Light On Bullying Due To Her Darker Skin

By Posted on 0 2 m read

What would you say if your teenage daughter came to you and expressed that she felt left out sometimes due to her physical appearance?

Well in the TV One’s latest reality show, “We’re The Campbells” which is centered around gospel legend Erica Campbell and her family; they are bringing issues that teenagers face to the forefront.

In a clip that has been circling around social media, Erica decides to have a conversation with her daughter, Krista Nicole Campbell because she feels that Krista isn’t being 100% open about what is bothering her at school. Krista who is 13, reveled that she had been feeling like an out cast due to her size.

“If you look at all my friends, church and school, Iam the chubby friend and it’s not like oh God, I just have expected it.” When Erica reassures her daughter that she isn’t the “fat friend” Krista replies, “I notice that I am left out. You know when guys talk to them, I’m  left out. I’m left to the side and I think that’s it.”

Another issue that Krista is facing is colorism. She feels like guys don’t talk to her because she is dark skinned.

“ A lot of the guys like light-skinned girls.” She then points out that most of the couples in her family are light skinned women with dark skin men. “Look at you and dad, light skinned dark skinned. Aunt Tina and Uncle Ted, light skinned dark skinned.”

This clip can serve as a teaching tool for parents to teach their daughters the importance of loving themselves no matter what color their skin is.

To watch the full clip, click here


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