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EDEN BodyWorks Launches “Beyond The Label” Women’s Empowerment Initiative

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Beauty brand EDEN BodyWorks launches a new campaign to highlight the versatality, strength and nature of women with their Beyond The Label initiative.  The campaign aims to declassify women, abandoning labels placed on them by society.  The EDEN BodyWorks feuled campaign will begin for Women’s History Month, recognized in March.

Beyond the Label was created to encourage women and the communities they thrive in to look past social constructs and celebrate every facet of their being.”

The series begins with an intimate dinner, featuring women of different paths. The brand will celebate their contributions to the world, address the challaenges they face and affirm the success experienced beyond labels placed on them by others.

On February 28th, the “Beyond the Label” dinner series will kick off in Los Angeles with special guests including celebrity hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood, fitness expert Lita Lewis,  founder of My Fab Finance Tonya Rapley-Flash, Assistant Professor, University of California, Dr. Constance Iloh, author and founder of Devi Brown and Kiki Ayers founder of Ayers Publicity. 

Beyond The Label will also craft original video content and launch an interactive website featuring a closer look into the lives of each guest featured and an opportunity for women across the globe to share their own compelling stories.

Glass ceilings are made to be broken, so we shatter them every day. From the home to the boardroom, women around the world continue to create their own paths and define victory on their own terms,” said EDEN BodyWorks Founder, Jasmine Lawrence.





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