Eat Healthier With Angie Martinez’s New Cookbook and Phoodmazing Instagram

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A lot of individuals have made a vow to live healthier lifestyles in the new year and though many are off to a great start, a little extra help never hurt anyone. Here are two ways to dig into some healthy eats:


Caroline, 14, has made it her mission to help others feed their bodies right. With @Phoodmazing, an Instagram page dedicated to a gluten-free, paleo diet, the teen shares photos of meals on a daily basis for her followers to visually indulge in. Additionally, each post is accompanied by a list of ingredients that should be used to make these mouth watering meals come to life in the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, radio and TV personality Angie Martinez has teamed up with Angelo Sosa for their new cookbook, Healthy Latin Eating. The duo provide detailed recipes for making their favorite Latin dishes just a little lighter, a little healthier, but equally as tasty.

Eating healthy can be a bit of a challenge but if done right, it’s not nearly as boring as it seems. It’s certainly possible to eat meals that are just yummy but pack your bodies with the good stuff.

With the support of social media and healthy cookbooks, you should be on the right path in no time. Be sure to purchase your copy of Healthy Latin Eating here!


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