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Drunk Driver Kills 5 As He Tweets

By Posted on 1 1 m read
Drunk driving has been the cause of over 30,000 accidents in the past year and over 10,000 of those accidents have been fatal. On Sunday sept 2nd drunk driving proved fatal for a group of 5 friends.

As they drifted doing 120 miles the driver Ervin McKinness, 21 tweeted

“Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #FuckIt YOLO
— 2.7.5 Inkyy(@ink2flashyy) September 2, 2012

Driving tweeting sipping the cup fuck yolo I’m turning it up
— 2.7.5 Inkyy(@ink2flashyy) September 2, 2012

Moments later the 2005 Nissan crashed into the backyard of someone’s home.

Sad that 5 lives had to be taken under such stupidity. Not once did the driver think to use his phone to call someone to pick them or call for assistance. Normally when people go out they have a designated driver but in this situation it seems as if all logic was removed prior to.

Now 5 lives all under the age of 25 have been snuffed out before their time. And 5 families are stuck picking up the pieces and sorting out what could have prevented this from happening.

If you ever find yourself out and can’t feel functional enough to operate your vehicle or maneuver there are numbers that you can dial that can essentially not only save your life but save other lives as well.


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