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Draya Michele Organizes Charity To Combat Hepatitus A Outbreak In Los Angeles

By Posted on 2 2 m read

Draya, a former cast-mate on VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ has grown her brand beyond a weekly appearance on reality tv.  Finding success in film, fashion and more, Draya has also used her platform and status for the greater good.  Announced via social media, Draya has launched a charity to collect supplies to build hygiene kits for the homeless population of Los Angeles with efforts to slow the outbreak of Hepatitus A.

Hepatitus A, a serious illness can be spread by fecal matter, contaminated objects such as food or drink and even sexually.  The disease can cripple liver function causing flu-like symptoms, jaundince and can result in death. The contagious disease can easily be spread by a lack of access to hygiene, putting homeless persons in a deadly path.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Los Angeles County health officials officially declared a hepatitus  A outbreak  Tuesday, Sept 17 after 16 people have died and over 450 people have contracted the disease in San Diego County.  Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of the L.A. County Department of Public Health says that efforts are being made to 40,000 vaccinations to homeless people in the area as well as attempt to improve sanitation and spreading the message of good hygiene.

“We are very early in an outbreak and the more people who get vaccinated in the high-risk populations … the smaller the outbreak will end up being in L.A. County’  says Dr. Ferrer to the Los Angeles Times.

Although Draya does not work in public health, she recognized the importance of paying the outbreak close attention and doing what she can to slow down the spread of hepatitus a in California.  National media has not reported on the outbreak in large numbers. Spreading awareness of this serious issue by collecting supplies sends a message and helps those in need.

To assist in Draya’s charitable efforts, mail donations of hygiene products and sanitary items to the following address:

Mint Swim
430 Madera St.
San Gabriel, CA 91776




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