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Drake vs. Kendrick Beef: The Pros & Cons From Each Side

By Posted on 2 4 m read

Hip-Hop can be a blood sport at times. Every time I think of a rap beef I think of the scene in Gladiator when Russell Crowe demolished a slew of warriors then threw his sword in the stands and screamed at the onlookers…


Hip-Hop fans feed off of rivalries and general disdain between rappers in the industry. Whether or not certain rappers want to go to war with another emcee or not, they surely feel pressure from the fans to do so. The latest “victims” of the hip-hop world’s bloodlust are Kendrick Lamar and one Drizzy Drake.

All of this hoopla started over a verse that Kendrick spit on a song that wasn’t even on a label project in which K.Dot took shots at multiple rappers including Big Sean, Meek Mill and Drake. Some rappers such as A$AP Rocky took the high road saying everything is still cool between him and Kendrick and other rappers such as Meek Mill have offered their own responses to Kendrick on wax. All in all, Drake’s responses have been the most intriguing of them all.

Drake has offered his opinion on Kendrick’s “Control” verse saying it was “An Ambitious Thought” and “…the talk of the internet for 10 days” while stating he had no desire to work with Kendrick anytime soon. With all of Drake’s subtle jabs hitting Kendrick like Mayweather punches (not painful but annoying as hell), a snippet from Kendrick’s BET Hip Hop Awards cypher was released where Kendrick took a not so subtle jab at the self-proclaimed “Light Skinned Keith Sweat”.

So, here we are now hoping this beef takes off like space shuttles (probably not the best reference since the Government is shut all the way down at the moment) but each of these rappers have things to gain and lose from a beef of this magnitude. There are pros and cons to everything in life, including this.

Drake (Karen Civil)
Pros: To Beefing With Kendrick

  • He can flex his strep throat flows and stop ALL of the talkin’. Literally, if Drake were to make Tiramisu of Kendrick Lamar, the rap game has to drop that soft moniker it’s been hanging over Drake’s since he got into Hip-Hop.
  • He would be giving EVERYONE what they wanted, like LeBron James in the slam dunk contest
  • He could really embarrass Kendrick: K.Dot isn’t as untouchable as everyone seems to think. When Drake said “Kendrick isn’t seeing me in any platform” he’s not really lying. Drake has done more in four years in hip-hop than 90% of rappers have done in their entire careers (K.Dot included)
  • Garner respect from the old heads in Hip-Hop
  • Make other rappers second guess trying to go at him again

Cons: To Beefing With Kendrick

  • Drake could lose all hip-hop respect…even though Drake has a HUGH fan base, there are still a lot of hip-hop heads on the fence about his toughness and persona. If he were to get embarrassed by Kendrick, it would be hard to appeal to those rap fans regardless of how hot his music is. Drake might not ever recover.
  • There’s really no point to do so. Win lose or draw, Drake still has two (going on three) platinum album, the most number one’s in the history of Hip-Hop, thirty plus million in net worth and the keys to Toronto. Why on earth would he need a beef battle?
  • It’s not wise to get into a negative firestorm as your undertaking business ventures
  • It’s a distraction from Drake’s album and his upcoming tour
  • Kendrick is a serious ass lyricist, he really might hurt some feelings

Kendrick Lamar (Karen Civil)
Pros: To Beefing With Drake

  • Doing away with the biggest name in Hip-Hop would bring serious publicity to Kendrick and TDE Movement
  • People don’t understand how GOOD Kendrick is at what he does, if a beef occurred, they would
  • There are a lot of hip-hop fans that would applaud Kendrick for going at Drake because quite honestly, they don’t like Drake in Hip-Hop
  • Kendrick can truly assert himself as the King of Hip-Hop with  a flawless victory
  • NO ONE would cross Kendrick if his lyrics were vicious
  • Drake would never be able to live down a lost to Kendrick, which would be the ultimate win for an emcee

Cons: To Beefing With Drake

    • Kendrick might just lose to Drake, and lose embarrassingly. With all that’s said about Drake, people forget that dude can actually rap and if K.Dot isn’t on his toes, Drake might drop a verse that’s recited for years and not just “10 Days”
    • He’ll never amass Drake in success. No matter what Kendrick does he’ll never sell more albums than Drake, have more hits than Drake or more ex’s to talk about than Drake, so why bother?
    • Many people (especially New Yorkers) feel a type of way about the assertions made on the “Control” verse, if Kendrick doesn’t put away Drake there will be a lot of rappers that come for his head
    • In a way, this beef could alienate Kendrick like Drake suggested. Rappers may not be as willing to work with him

So win lose or draw, these two have a lot on the line. Question is, do they want this beef as badly as we do?
by @Eskeino


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