Dove & Shonda Rhimes Present ‘Meet Cathleen’, An Inspiring Story About Chasing Your Dreams & Loving Yourself

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Dove and Shonda Rhimes released “Meet Cathleen.” today as a part of the Dove Real Beauty Productions series. This film follows Cathleen Meredith on her journey to realizing her own personal beauty through her love for dance. Cathleen aims to encourage women to challenge themselves, be fearless, authentic, and find self-love and real beauty through their passions.¬†Her message is one that many women, old or young can learn from, “You know real beauty when you see it for yourself”. Beauty isn’t what we see on the TV and magazines, it is truly within us.

Cathleen’s beauty is expressed through her body-positive modern dance movement, Fat Girls Dance. Cathleen’s confidence was birthed through watching herself perform fearlessly. She fell in love with her body and beauty consciously¬†through every move. Through this process, she learned to love herself and encouraged others who were watching to do the same.

Check out the three-minute film was produced by an all-female crew:





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  • Bobbie Lloyd
    May 20, 2017

    Hi Cathleen,

    I am so proud of you and wish you the best.

    Bobbie Blackburn Lloyd (former Cooper member)

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