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Kanye’s “Donda’s House” Is Calling All Singer/Songrwiter/Producers!

By Posted on 39 2 m read

Donda’s House, the creative agency founded by Kanye West and Rhymefest, is looking for teens and young adults for their Spring 2014 Cohort, and to make sure they don’t overlook anyone, they’ve pushed back the entry deadline to NEXT FRIDAY FEBRUARY 28!!!

If you’re not familiar, the Spring 2014 Cohort will focus on helping 15-24 year old’s learn how to write, record and perform music. Classes are held three times a week and last for 12 weeks. All of the instructors are well-respected in the entertainment industry. Such as, the Health & Wellness Coordinator Miles Stroter, who is both an athlete and an actor whose latest appearance was in Best Man Holiday. The Studio Recording Engineer, T.L. Williams, is a graduate of Second City and has forged a career as one of the most promising new artists. And the Creative Writing Class was developed by and is taught by Rhymefest, who was recently nominated for a Grammy for co-writing on Kanye West’s Yeezus album, and he won a Grammy for co-writing the hit “Jesus Walks” with Kanye West.

Donda’s House offer a holistic approach to artist development, including Health & Wellness, where students learn the importance of nutrition and developing a healthy lifestyle. Students then create an original song. No matter their background, they learn how to record music in a state of the art Recording Studio. And finally, they learn the fundamentals of poetry, so that they can become more conscious of their lyrics and ultimately improve on their ability to create music that matters.

This is a great opportunity for any budding singer/songwriter/producer you may know that’s trying to break into the industry. And what better name to have behind you , musically, than Kanye West. Applications are due on or before Friday, February 28, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. and can be found at Donda’s House. Applicants can actually download the PDF and type directly on it, save it as a new file and return it via email or print out the application, hand-write their responses, scan it and return it via e-mail.  Additionally, they’re looking for a Creative Writing Instructor as well! Interested candidates should submit resumes and cover letters on or before 2/24/14. The job description and application can be found here! 

So with that said, be sure to pass on this information, or take advantage of it yourself, this would be a terrible opportunity to let pass you by and we’re interested in seeing what great talent comes out of this incubator.


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