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Donald Glover and Rashida Jones Created An Anti Sexual Harassment PSA

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Donald Glover and Rashida Jones have teamed up to create an animated sexual harassment PSA video for Time’s Up. With movements like #MeToo a trending topic in today’s society, now more than ever it’s time for us to set a standard and have these conversations about what’s appropriate in the workplace and beyond.

The video covers topics such as, touching people at work, making comments about a coworker’s appearance, dating at work, and witnessing other people’s bad behavior.  The animated short is directed by Rashida Jones.

There’s been a lot of discussion about whether that’s even fair to link someone pinching an ass or something off-color at work to an actual assault,” Jones told Buzzfeed. “I think a lot of people struggle with the connection, because they think it’s dramatic to connect the two. So the PSA is intended to explain that there are these nuanced dynamics that are happening when there’s a power imbalance.” 

Jones picked Donald Glover to narrate the cartoon because of his “cool, laid-back energy,” which she found made the video more inviting and not threatening.

Watch the full PSA below:


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