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Doll Company Designed To Empower Black Girls To Love Their Natural Hair

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Often times African American children have  a hard time accepting their natural curls and in turn resort to chemically treating and perming their hair. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that decision, Yelitsa Jean-Charles, a student at the Rhode Island School of Design  founded Healthy Roots Dolls to encourage children to love every natural strand of hair on their head.

Healthy Hair Roots is a mix between story books and dolls that speak on the beauty of natural hair. Jean-Charles is still in the beginning stages of bring this idea to life but we’re sure it’s certainly going to be success. With an overwhelming amount of support, Jean-Charles was able to raise nearly all funds needed to make this project happen.

“As much as my parents supported me, I still struggled with loving myself, my hair and my skin,” Jean-Charles shared. “I created Healthy Roots so that other girls wouldn’t feel that way.”

Her primary goal is to touch the lives of young girls who have a hard time accepting their natural hair because of the world’s standard of beauty.

It gets better. The dolls are designed to represent a number of countries like United States, Haiti, Nigeria and Brazil so no one feels left out.

If you would like to support this movement and learn more about Yeltisa’s journey, head over to the official site for the project.


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