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DJ Khaled and Get Schooled Launch the “Key To Health” Initiative

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Dj Khaled had an amazing 2016, he reached levels in his career that were unimaginable and kept all of us motivated via Snapchat while doing so. As the new year rolls around Khaled is making it his mission to continue to motivate and inspire.

DJ Khaled is the national spokesperson for “Get Schooled”, a non-profit organization that directly engages and motivates students to graduate from high school and succeed in college. Get Schooled offers low-income students a range of support including personal statement coaching, college advisory help and much more. Get Schooled has developed a track record of success because it engages with young Americans using the media, technology, and popular culture, which is an integral part of their lives.

The DJ Khaled & “Get Schooled Keys to Success” addresses teens’ current pressures and also shows support for their future aspirations. This month, the program introduces the “Key to Health”:

“We know young people have big dreams for the future. They understand that education is important and that the stakes are high, but find the process for preparing for life after high school to be overwhelming. For many young people, there isn’t anyone motivating them or guiding them through the process. Khaled Keys empower, support and infuse confidence in young people through the ongoing support of Khaled and Get Schooled.The Khaled Key Program will be launching a new key every month as a part of the initiative.” – Khaled Key Program Rep.

“The Key to Health” will also encourage people to share their “Secret Sauce” to living a healthier life in 2017. We aren’t new to seeing DJ Khaled in the gym, touching flowers, and eating the best/healthiest food made by Chef D, but do we know why he does it? You can learn why in his secret sauce video below.

Get Schooled and DJ Khaled know and understand the importance of education and big dreams. They also know that the process after high school can be confusing and overwhelming. Many students don’t have anyone around them to motivate and truly guide them in a positive way. DJ Khaled won’t be the only one dropping keys, however. There will be a social media contest encouraging other celebrities and young people alike to share their “secret sauce” on living a healthy lifestyle in 2017 with the hashtag #MySecretSauce.

Watch DJ Khaled talk about his “Secret Sauce” below and get more information on Get Schooled here.


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