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Dentist Lee Fitzgerald Replaces Formerly Homeless Man’s Teeth Completely Free Of Charge

By Posted on 16 2 m read

These sorts of stories always warm your heart. A dentist named Lee Fitzgerald from Plano, Texas did the unthinkable recently by replacing a formerly homeless man’s teeth completely free of charge, the USA Today reports.

That man is named Harvor Davis, who despite having nowhere to live just five years ago, is now the senior manager for a nonprofit organization called SoupMobile. According to the group’s Facebook page, they found Davis sleeping in the back of his truck roughly five years ago and noticed he was in bad shape and decided to bring him to the shelter. Soon after, Davis was brought on to work in the SoupMobile warehouse and has helped serve over 200,000 meals in Dallas in the last year alone. Incredible.

Despite how far he’s come these five years and despite how many people he’s helped, Davis still refuses to smile due to his deteriorating teeth and the crappy feelings he has about them. Harvor sadly tells the USA Today, “I used to talk with my lip down, not showing the gap that I had.”

Realizing how great of a person he is and wanting to show Harvor his appreciation, founder of the SoupMobile, David Timothy contacted Dr. Fitzgerald about doing a procedure to fix Harvor’s mouth. Despite the dental implants costing roughly $50,000, Dr. Fitzgerald did the deed of a lifetime and offered to fix Harvor’s mouth completely free of charge.

In the recap video above, you can see Harvor say, “A million dollar smile. I could get used to it.” We can too, Harvor. We can too. Watch the video above and show your appreciation to Dr. Fitzgerald via his Facebook page here.

Spotted: Huffington Post


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