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Dee Barnes Reflects On Missing Scenes From ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Movie & The Abuse She Received From Dr. Dre

By Posted on 24 1 m read

Straight Outta Compton has been receiving rave reviews since it’s release. While fans are more than awe struck with the project, there is an important piece one person in particular was not happy about leaving out.

Dee Barnes was the host of the 90s hip hop show, Pump It Up! As a journalist from that era of music, she has many stories to tell about the industry, however one she wanted to be shown in the new film was her physical attack by N.W.A‘s Dr. Dre.

Gawker  gave Dee the chance to speak out about how the film neglected to show Dre’s constant abuse of women during that time. She explained her memories of moving to California and knowing the group before the fame, her incident of Dre throwing her down a flight of stairs, and other physical attacks she was hushed about.

Read Dee’s explanation of her shock after not seeing her experience in the biopic due to Straight Outta Compton “revisionist history” here.


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