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Cynthia Marshall Named Interim CEO Of The Dallas Mavericks

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Amid tensions and scandals surrounding the Dallas Mavericks organization involving sexual assault and domestic violence, Cynthia Marshall has been named CEO and already has plans to return the business to excellence.  Marshall takes the place of former CEO Terdema Ussery,  who was implicated in reports of upholding the dangerous “toxic culture” along with vice president of human resources Buddy Pittman, and beat writer Earl K. Sneed, all three of which are no longer employed by the Mavericks.

Although taking over a company going through crisis may be a large task to face, Marshall already had announced plans to ensure the return of the Dallas Mavericks to good graces.

“Independent investigators are in the process of conducting interviews with current and former—we’re covering both—current and former employees. The purpose of the interviews is to make sure all issues and allegations are surfaced and addressed. We need everything to come out. Allegations will be thoroughly investigated and any required disciplinary action will be administered swiftly.” says Marshall.

Marshall who has the full support of team owner Mark Cuban plans to personally meet with all 140 employees of the Dallas Mavericks organization and complete the internal investigation to identify necessary changes.

“What I have learned is that it takes a team, it takes a village, and we will get this done. We’re talking about 140 people. But a culture transcends even beyond just our workplace.” says Marshall.

Cynthia Marshall joins the Dallas Mavericks after a 36 year long career with technology company AT&T, serving as their senior VP of human resources and the chief diversity officer before retiring in 2017.




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