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Dave’s Killer Breads Makes a Point to Give Felons a Second Chance

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Dave’s Killer Breads is a Portland family owned business, that understands the hardships of getting back on your feet after incarceration.

That’s why the owners take former inmates into their arms to give them a fair shot at starting over. Dave Dahl’s brother Glenn has had his fair share of run-ins with the law. After serving a long 15-year prison sentence, he returned back to work with his brother’s help in the bakery. Now, the siblings work on providing the same opportunity to others since the reason ex-cons often return back in jail is their failure of finding employment. In fact, one of three employees at Dave’ Killer Breads has a criminal history.

The company’s executive director, Genevieve Martin explains:

“Through seeing them do well and seeing them be successful at turning their lives around rather than being branded as criminals for the rest of their lives, we saw an opportunity and feel a duty to start talking about this now.”

A very admirable attitude to have that can also help African Americans who are incarcerated at six times the rate as white Americans, according to the NAACP.

Learn more about the program here.


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