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Common Joins Van Jones and ‘Green For All’ to #FixThePipes in Flint

By Posted on 0 1 m read

It’s the three year anniversary of the poisonous pipes installation in Flint, Michigan and despite popular belief, the issue has not yet been completely resolved. Although the city of Flint reached a settlement with the State of Michigan, the plan does not provide all Flint families with clean water immediately. They are still waiting.

Because of the continued negligence, Green For All (GFA), a national climate justice organization, launched the #FixThePipes campaign. This campaign aids Flint families in getting access to clean water right now. Author and activist, Van Jones and legendary Hip-Hop artist Common are on board to endorse #FixThePipes and help resolve this issue.

“One year after Flint dominated headlines across America, families there still don’t have access to clean water. Many still can’t drink or bathe in their own homes. It’s just plain wrong to make families wait any longer. We’re launching the #FixThePipes campaign this Earth Day to help Flint families now. If we come together and act quickly, we can finally get clean water to Flint families.” – Vien Truong, director of Green For All and deputy CEO of Dream Corps

The #FixThePipes campaign has a goal of raising $500,000 to put the bill for removing lead-contaminated pipes at $10,000 per home. Green For All plans to collaborate with other celebrities, influencers, activists, and organizations in efforts to help raise money and fix the pipes for Flint families right now.

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