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‘Close Up Baltimore’: Social Media Movement Shines Light On Baltimore Residents and Their Stories

By Posted on 0 1 m read

A new social movement is garnering much support as it shines light on the average lives of Baltimore residents.

Inspired by the wildly popular social movement Humans of New York, Close Up Baltimore shines light on the underlying stories of Baltimore residents.

Created by photographer Joe Rubino and media strategist Meryam Bouadjemi the movement’s primary goal is to, “create space for a more authentic narrative—one difficult to capture in the mainstream media.” Essentially, they want o give a voice to the everyday faces of the city. Rubino expressed that we often see the same people everyday but know nothing about their stories.

In an a recent story for the Baltimore Sun, the idea came about when the city was misrepresented in the media following the death of Freddie Gray.  “We needed to change the narrative about Baltimore,” he said. “We thought the best way to do that would be to talk to people who contribute to the rich life in the city and give a different a view than the one represented by the national media.”

With already over 100 interviews complete the movement is well on it’s way to success. Be sure to follow on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the stories behind these everyday people.




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