Civil's Look of the Day: Spring Break Nights

Civil’s Look of the Day: Spring Break Nights

Today’s look of the day is dedicated to our college fashionistas. Spring Break is here and it is time to get those budget- friendly fabulous outfits.  The look of the day features a black skater dress with a  studded caged middle opening, black high- heeled  open toe sandals and a fun grey and black tote. The dress featured in the look gives a mature feel;however the tote tones down the look, enabling the fashionista to look mature but still display a feeling of class.



The items featured in this look is as follows:

Studded Skater Dress

Giuseppe Zanotti Black Suede Sandals with Metallic Heel

Pour La Victoire Morandi Satchel

3 Responses

  1. Duncan says:

    Zanotti is budget-friendly for a college student?

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    • Noemi says:

      Nikki,Fantastic shots love the soft focus on the portraits and haairpsry shot. What a privilege to go to such a brave wedding. They looked stunning relaxed, healthy, youthful. You captured all of that they will be proud of your photos forever. I hope that you get many more funky weddings to do like that one! what a great career that would be. Well done.

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