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#CivilChat A Conversation with ‘her sweat’ Co-Founders Adelle Platon & Niki McGloster

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‘her sweat.’ is a digital platform that seeks to highlight health and fitness from a woman’s perspective. Why was it created? “Because we can” says co founders Niki McGloster and Adelle Platon. Its “the perfect hub for women who love the sweet trifecta of sports, fitness and lifestyle….”

Today, via twitter, Live Civil had the opportunity to dive into a meaningful conversation. The co-founders discussed everything from how they came up with the idea of ‘her sweat’, to what motivates them as individuals, to continuing working together.

If you missed Live Civil’s #CivilChat with @hersweat, head over to @hersweat + @livecivil‘s official twitter pages to see what went down.


How did the idea of ‘her sweat.’ come about? What inspired you both (Adelle & Niki) to join forces in bringing this company to life?

we came up with the idea while working at together. tbh, we just wanted to create a pop culture-infused digital space for young boss women actively pursuing a healthier lifestyle to learn and be able to relate. nothing stuffy or too clinical – just real.

s/o to for pushing us to really do it!

What do you wish you knew before you first started building ‘her sweat.’?

everything! lol, so much is learned through trial and error tho. we’ve learned a ton from our individual careers (writing, on-air talent, hosting, etc.), like managing biz relationships, learning graphic design and tackling legal. we’ve handled the learning curve well.

Two women working under the same roof. How do you both manage to stay motivated & continue working together?

we secretly hate each other. can’t you tell? sike, no! we’re friends first, then we balance one another quite effortlessly in biz. if one of us is out of pocket for any particular reason, the other hops in and takes the reins.

+we both want to create change through our co., so we’re equally invested. this is our baby frfr and we’re damn good at co-parenting.

What frustrates you most as a business owner/fitness enthusiast? How do you balance the two?

it’s hard not to fall back into old unhealthy habits. as biz owners/entrepreneurs who have our own separate endeavors, it’s tough not to guzzle champagne or skip one (or three!) week of gym sessions. but you gotta walk it like you talk it. period.

+it’s not so much that’s it’s frustrating but it definitely requires discipline. we hold each other accountable too, which is what is about – having a friend to keep you in check.

How does maintaining a consistent fitness routine in your personal life improve your perfroamnces as the faces behind ‘her sweat.’

making healthy choices consistently really helps us learn what other women are dealing with in this space, which helps us connect to the community we want to build. it allows us to stay aware of trends, how to cover health and to be inclusive, too.

I imagine running a company is not as easy as it sounds, when you’re not going over logistics for the company, what does self care look like for Niki & Adelle?

. will disconnect from social media quick! that’s the best self-care for her – just to be still & live in the moment. loves to tackle any type of adventure but finds her “me time” by unplugging, getting a massage & practicing mindfulness.

What kind go culture exists within ‘her sweat.’? How did you establish it? How do you continue to maintain that environment?

tbh, we’re still building the culture. but we would like it to be an ever-growing community of women of all backgrounds nurturing one another & being kind to their bodies while also stepping up to create change through community initiatives.

+whether it’s participating in blood cancer awareness drives, running for causes, and developing a real movement toward healthy living for all.

You’ve interviewed everyone from Jeanette Jenkins, to Broadcast Journalist Cari Champion, & dancer (for Beyonce) Quinny Wilmington — What was the process like when landing those collabs?

aw man. these were some of our first interviews, and we tapped them bc of their work and personal stories. we knew their experiences would be inspo and helpful to our audience…

+thankfully we’ve fostered some really great relationships in our industries, so we look forward to bringing y’all more content like this.

How are you applying what’s happening in the industry to building your brand? For example, social media is replacing websites and how brands market themselves. How are you able to adjust to the growing industry?

great question! we started out wanting to provide written coverage of the health/fitness world, but we’ve had to pivot to utilize more video, rework our marketing strategies toward more in-person opportunities and lean more heavily on our social media sphere.

+it’s been interesting to say the least but the change has undoubtedly worked in our favor. our site is still in the works but you’ll certainly see more original content on our social channels in the new year.

What are some of your favorite parts about being co founders for ‘her sweat.’ specifically? Do you have least favorites?

the best part is that we get to do this together (*cue the “awww”*)! and ya know, so many of our peers and even people we don’t know support us every single day. that’s love. least favorite part? can’t say we have one. rn we’re enjoying all the highs and growing pains.

What advice would you give to those interested in becoming not just business owners, but fitness entrepreneurs?

do your homework, utilize your network and live this life. you can’t be a fitness entrepreneur without knowing your industry, so learn a little more every day.

How can those interested in learning more stay in touch with ‘her sweat?’? Niki? Adelle?

well, certainly follow us at on all social channels. re-launch party coming in Q1 (😉) and we’re announcing some major opportunities before the end of the month!

+our newsletter sign-ups start next week, too, which will include lil messages from us to keep women encouraged and also events, by us and our fav fit friends, that we feel you should attend. be prepared to see a LOT of next year.

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