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Civil Interview: Sue Tsai Shares Her Beginnings In Art, Favorite Pieces, Self-Discovery, & More

By Posted on 0 6 m read

What is your process when you start creating a piece?

ST: With every piece, it takes months and months to kind of build the full concept in my head. I kind of have like file folders in my head for all of the pieces I want to do, and I also write notes a lot. I see an image or something, and I’ll save it, or write notes. I really don’t start a piece until I have the full concept, and I know exactly what to paint. I’m not the type to just wing it and go with it. I have the whole painting planned out. Once I start zoning in one a piece, it takes mostly a couple of weeks to complete it, day and night.

When did you discover that art was your true passion? What was the moment you decided to kind of drop everything and focus on it?

ST: I think I just knew that my whole life. I always knew I would do something in the creative field. I didn’t know what it was. When I really started painting, and received such positive feedback, I realized other people loved my gift as much as I did. That’s what pushed me more. I’ve always loved my art. I just got the reinforcement from everyone else that was inspired.

What are some of the ideas you are “filing” through for any future pieces at the moment?

ST: I’ve been so caught up with the show right now that my whole brain is super puzzled. I’m in such a great place right now, and a lot of people say my artwork usually depicts more that has to do with heartbreak, love, and more on the sadder side. Recently, in the past year, I’ve been in the place where I’m super happy with myself, so I think a lot of my future art that comes from this is going to be more positive. It’s going to show my growth.



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