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Civil Interview: Jalisa Smith Inspires The Youth With New Children’s Book ‘In His Absence, I Can Still Feel His Presence’

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jalisa smith in his absence i still feel his presence

What message do you hope to spread with In His Absence, I Can Still Feel His Presence?

Jalisa Smith: The moral of my book is to let children know that they can still make their loved ones proud. The pain from losing a loved one will not go away overnight but with this book it is step one. Anytime you feel like you’re ready to give up and you feel that push to keep going strong that is your loved one pushing you on. They are always near you and will always be proud of your success. They have the best seat in heaven.

Do you have plans to write a new book in the future? If so, anything in particular you’re working on?

Jalisa Smith: I am actually working on my second book entitled The Dough that became my Doughnuts and this book is for my ladies. This book is created to show ladies how the doughnuts had to go through somethings before it became what it looks like. The doughnut was once dough that had to be beating together in flour, mixed together, transitioned, cut, and rolled out into a fiery furnace. Life is not always going to be glazed, sprinkled, and chocolate and strawberry iced up. In life we have to go through what the dough did and God will roll us out that fiery situation we are going through and be the type of doughnut he will have us to be.

What inspires you?

Jalisa Smith: My son Caleb Michael Hicks is my biggest inspiration, he keeps me encouraged and motivated. I am a single mom so it is important that I never give up despite of what may go on around me. I actually had my son my last year of college. I did my last year taking online classes as a full-time student, I had a full-time job, and I had an internship for that year. It was a lot, it was stressful but it was worth it. Now I am able to show my son what his mommy accomplish and that no one or nothing can stop you but YOU!

What is next for you?

Jalisa Smith: Book promotion, book promotion, and more book promotion. I am going to local radio stations to talk about my book and different libraries that are having author events for upcoming authors. There is this African American bookstore in Greenbriar Mall called Medu Bookstore and I am submitting my book to see if I could have it placed there along with other bookstores.

Where can we find your book?

Jalisa Smith: You can find my book on, or


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