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Chris Lighty’s Passing Presents More Questions Than Answers

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Yesterday hip hop lost a legend, a pioneer, a great manager and above all a friend in Chris Lighty. Many things will be said about Chris in regards to how his life ended but I hope and pray that his works far supersede what his ending was.

Chris Lighty was found dead in his Bronx apartment after shooting himself in the head following a dispute with his ex wife. Lighty was getting ready to move out of their Bronx townhouse. A sad end for such a storied life.

Many believe that Lighty’s suicide is a result of his recent divorce and tax issues (he owed the IRS 5 million in back taxes) but others believe the stress of the industry had taken a toll on him as well.

This death has a similar feeling that Shakir Stewarts death had years ago. Shakir was found in his Georgia home with one bullet to his head after being appointed a new position at def jam.

As sad as it is many people deal with depression but can never show it in their actions or words. That’s why I suggest speaking kind words to people as we move throughout the day. Give them some encouragement you never know when your friendly smile or word can change a persons whole mental state.

I don’t know what caused truly caused Chris to get to this point but one thing I’ve learned is that this industry is very stressful especially when you achieve success. The pressure from the artists,labels and peers to keep the success going can push a person to some extreme measures. And if you couple that into what he was already facing he may have felt that this was the greater end to all his means.


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