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Charity Bingo!

By Posted on 2 2 m read

How many of you grew up having an aunt, grandmother, or relative obsessed with bingo night at the local church hall? While bingo has been a fun recreational hobby for some for years, the old school game has caught up with technology, philanthropy and fashion!
The classic game of bingo became increasingly popular when it became a fund-raising event in Catholic churches during the early 1930s. Even at that time there were about 10,000 bingo games played weekly. Edwin S. Lowe, a New York toy salesman who invented the game, claims that the biggest bingo game in history was the one played at Teaneck Armory in New York – there were 60,000 players, plus another 10,000 being refused at the door. Today, bingo games are also played online with close to 100 million players playing regularly.

With the immense number of players, bingo remains to be a top choice for fund-raising and charity events. Grace McMillan, Head of Community for shares that they are willing to work for a great cause and make a real difference. Here are some charitable events that they have supported/hosted, so far:

Breast Cancer Charity Night for CM Tippy 
CM Tippy is one of the longest serving chat hosts for FoxyBingo, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. The charity night raised not only enough money for Tippy’s treatment, but also awareness about breast cancer, especially in a community of players that has 80% women.

Play It Pink
Last October, the online bingo website supported the Breast Cancer Awareness Month by running several selected games to help raise funds. Players who bought 10p cards, 1p was automatically donated to the breast cancer campaign. There were also special pink ribbon pattern games where 20% of the card prices was donated, as well.

livecivil bingo 2

Wags Walk 
The Wags Walk charity event was in partnership with Life for a Kid Foundation, a foundation that aims to help children under 16 years of age who may be terminally ill or needing funds for an operation. FoxyBingo provided water bottles, rucksacks, fleeces, and sponsored the team for £1,000. The event was able to raise £13,000 in funds.


It is uplifting to know that there are successful online gaming websites who are keen on supporting not only gaming events but also charitable institutions. FoxyBingo supported the fashion industry by giving out their Celebrity Mum of the Year Award. They also supported the sports industry by sponsoring Rugby Superleague. One can say that bingo, with its myriad of variations, remains true to its roots. It continues to use its influence to increase awareness to where it is needed.

So for all of you who love bingo, you can now play your favorite game while still giving back to the community.


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