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Twitter Suspends 235,000 Accounts Linked To Terrorism

With intentions to keep their platform safe and to demote any dangerous behavior, Twitter has suspended roughly 235,000 accounts that either promoted or …

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Things Never Change: Miss America Winner Gets Blasted For Being “Arab”

There are people out there who seem to think that Americans are only Anglo-Saxon individuals; which is the only reason to explain the backlash that …

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Sexual Harassment Against Woman Is An Issue FAR Overlooked

We take a lot of our civil liberties in America for granted ever so often and sometimes it’s necessary to realize how free most Americans …

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Keri Hilson Has A Twitter Breakdown!

It’s no secret that Beyoncé fans have had it out for Keri Hilson, after theTurnin’ Me On

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Quvenzhané Wallis Called the C-Word by The Onion: How Far is Too Far?

It seems that we’ll no longer have a major event without some form of controversy or stunt attached. In what most are calling a severe …

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Frank MacArthur Holds 5-Hour Standoff with BMore Police

This past Saturday while I was enjoying my Ciroc Red Berry and cranberry juice, much like many of you, a prominent social activist …

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Watch What You Tweet: Oprah Edition

There’s an old expression that goes “never ask a question if you’re not ready for the response” and on Sunday it seemed …