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Five Kenyan Girls Are On A Mission To End Female Genital Mutilation With New App

Five teenage girls are on a mission to end female genital mutilation (FGM) in Kenya, Africa after creating a brand new app named i-Cut …

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Lonnie Johnson, The Inventor Of The Super Soaker Is Supporting The Next Generation In Stem

If you grew up in the 90’s you were guaranteed to have or have played with the Super Soaker, one of the most nostalgic …

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18-Year-Old Khareem Oliver Creates Pet-Finding App

Pets are like family to pet owners, and losing your furry friend can be a difficult time. Too many times we see that pets never …

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Howard University and Google Partner Up to Launch “Howard West”

Google has partnered up with Howard University to promote diversity and prepare future leaders in the STEM industry. African Americans and women have always …

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Hidden Figures, Hidden History

Hidden Figures remains #1 at the box office, telling the story of three mothers, wives, heroes, and unmentioned African American women who made …

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Hillary Clinton Reveals Her Vision For The Future Of Technology In America

Hillary Clinton has revealed one of her ideas, outlining her vision for technology and innovation in the United States.

On Thursday (June 30), …