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Black Lives Matter Activist MarShawn M. McCarrel II Commits Suicide

MarShawn M. McCarrel II, one of the leading activist Black Lives Matter movement, shot himself outside the capitol’s entrance in Columbus, Ohio close …

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DeRay McKesson is Running For Mayor of Baltimore

It’s an election year for the city of Baltimore and with the primary elections right around the corner, activist DeRay McKesson has announced …

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Former Child Brides Convince Zimbabwe Courts to Rid Child Marriage

Two former child brides of Zimbabwe fought for the rights of current children by taking the nation’s government to court challenging the practice …

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African Refugees Look To Make History at 2016 Olympics

Most elite athletes dream of competing at the Olympics in hopes of wining big; however, Popole Misenga and Yolande Mabika are hoping this …

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Westbrook Makes UCLA History

UCLA alum, Russell Westbrook, made school history for making the largest financial donation by any former basketball student-athlete last week.

The …

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Activist Deray Launches Website To Combat Police Brutality

Twitter and real-life activist Deray is expounding on his message via the web. The Baltimore native, who is famous for his …

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Iowa Barber Grants Free Haircuts To Kids As They Read Along To Him

Some things are worth more than money. Iowa barber Courtney Holmes proved this notion by gifting free haircuts to kids, just in time …

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Kim Royster’s Promotion To Chief Makes Her Highest Ranking Black Woman In NYPD

Deputy Chief Kim Royster makes history by becoming the highest ranking Black Woman in uniform in the NYPD.

Royster began her …