Legend Nina Simone Finally Nominated For Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

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The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame recognizes artists who have contributed prolific work to music and society. This years’s nominees include icon Nina Simone whose unapologetic stature and undeniable talent provided a soundtrack for the civil rights movement and beyond.

Musicians are eligible to be nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25 years after the release of their first album, making 1992 this year’s magic number. Nina Simone however has a career dating back to the 1950’s.

Nicknamed “The High Priestess Of Soul” Nina Simone’s career spans more than 4 decades, recording her”final album “A Single Woman” in 1993. Some of Nina Simone’s most notable songs include “(To Be) Young Gifted and Black”, “I Put A Spell On You” and “Mississippi Goddam”.

Beyond her dynamic musical talent, Nina Simone’s accolades extend to her work as an activist in the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement. Nina Simone made statements against anti-black,  and racist practices as an artist. She also became a prolific speaker, vocalizing her powerful messages during civil rights meetings and marches.

Nina Simone’s legendary life serves as influential to several iconic artists including Kanye West, John Legend and Alicia Keys. Her nomination to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame is well past due.  Others nominated for induction in 2018 include Radiohead, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan and LL Cool J.

According to CNN,  the voting committee consists of more than 900 artists, historians and members of the music industry across the globe. Fans can also visit rockhall.com/vote  to cast a vote for who they believe most deserves this prestigious honor.

SZA Uses CTRL Tour To Support Hurricane Relief Efforts

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“Love Galore” singer SZA, fairly new to the mainstream R&B spotlight uses her platform for good. SZA, opened the floor to her  fans to bring goods to her show  to benefit hurricane victims.

The platinum artist uses her tour stops to collect donations for those devastated by this past deadly hurricane season.  SZA made her fans aware of the philanthropic addition to her tour shortly after Hurricane Harvey through social media posts.


The items collected by SZA during the CTRL tour will aid multiple areas including Houston,  Florida, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands in need.

During the Houston arm of the tour, SZA gives fans who donate  “chill with SZA” by entering a raffle after donating. Recognizing that Houston was impacted by Hurricane Harvey, SZA opened the raffle to all concert goers, not only those who are able to donate.


As SZA continues to slay the stage on tour,  the charitable efforts will continue. The CTRL tour will take SZA through parts of Florida, North Carolina and Georgia before wrapping up in Virginia.

Senator of California, Kamala Harris Curates A Spotify Playlist For Black Music Month

Senator of California, Kamala Harris is always serving faces, looks, and justice. Harris has been a great representation of the African-American community while serving her time in the political world.

In honor of African-American Music Appreciation Month, Harris has released a public playlist showing her appreciation for black artists and the power they have in our society. The playlist will stream on Spotify and it includes tons of inspiring and talented individuals.

“Our nation has an indelible soundtrack, songs that have become anthems recognized across the world. Much of that soundtrack is inspired and informed by the vast contributions of African-American artists in jazz, R&B, rap, hip-hop, and beyond.” – Kamala Harris via HuffPost

The playlist features 45 songs stacked with the likes of legendary artists like Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone and Prince, as well as hits from the newer generation like Andra Day, Janelle Monae, and Chance The Rapper. The playlist also features popular rap songs from Migos and gets soulful with ballads from Aretha Franklin. Harris’ playlist covers African-American music perfectly and has a song to fit every mood and every jig.

“No matter where you are from or what you look like, music is a bond that can bring us all together,” she said. “To celebrate African-American music is to dance, sing, and even march to the rhythms that have long served as vehicles for honesty, inspiration, struggle, success, and joy.” – Kamala Harris

Click here to listen to Kamala Harris’s all time favorites playlist in its entirety.

Source: HuffingtonPost.com

The Living Civil Series: DJ Orange Calderon

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Name: Orange Calderon

Where is she from? Houston, Texas

Where does she reside? Los Angeles, California

What does she do? Curate melodic mixes while being drop dead gorgeous

How is she living civil?

If you’re familiar with the new wave of talent flowing into the DJ world you might have heard of this beauty, her name is Orange Calderon. Calderon is one of the newbies on the block, we discovered her on the world wide web and instantly fell in love with her poetically lit and themed SoundCloud mixes and aesthetically pleasing social media.

DJ “OJ” is a master of mixing, transitioning and diversity; she will take you from the Jersey Shore to The Trap House without missing a beat. One of her most popular works of art is the chopped and screw version she created for fellow Houston comrade Travis Scott’s “Drugs You Should Try it”, which reached over 2.3 million streams. Listen Below:

Orange delivers nothing less than perfection and consistency when it comes to her creative work, and that is why brands are knocking at her door. To “live Civil” is to take your talents and passions and transform them into a profitable career and lovable lifestyle. Calderon has done that with ease by taking her lifelong love for musical composition and turning it into a money-making mission.


Calderon has worked with and been endorsed by various artists and brands including John Legend, Chuck Inglish, Jay305, Nike, Puma x Fenty, W Hotels, Trillectro, The Standard, Hypnotic, BET, MTV, VH1, and a ton more. One thing we love about DJ OJ is that she does it all so effortlessly, she teaches us that when you do your own thing and you do it well “they” will flock to you organically like pigeons trying to catch a bread crumb and recognize your worth. You can currently find Dj OJ on her brand new radio show “The Juice” on Dash Radio which airs every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 7 PM.


We love how Orange screams femininity and dominance all at the same time. She has the work ethic of a soldier and the gracefulness of a ballerina. Oranges nomadic and strategic spirit is going to take her places beyond her imagination, and we can not wait to see her fulfill all of her hearts desires, keep “living civil”.

You can do it all by yourself. 

Women can be as sexy as they want to be in a male-dominated industry.

Use your experiences to fuel your imagination and creativity. 

Always put out your best work, don’t half-ass anything.

Consistency and persistence are everything. 


The Gag: KeKe Palmer’s Sultry Shoot w/ Vulkan Online

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KeKe Palmer shows us every day how she has grown up to be a versatile, beautiful, sexy, smart, and confident young woman. KeKe sat down with Canadian fashion publication, Vulkan Magazine for a sultry shoot and conservation with Matthew Reinhold and MadPics. Take a look at these amazing photo’s and our favorite tidbits from the interview.


The Gag: Palmer did not have to audition for her role as ZayDay on Scream Queens, the character was made with her in mind.


The Gag: Palmer’s comfy girl swag is inspired by Aaliyah, Brandy, and TLC.


The Gag: The saying itself came from a wardrobe stylist on the set of the movie, “Pimp”. “Pimp” is a story about a young woman growing up in the pimp industry, which is said to release in 2017. The wardrobe stylist would always say “that’s the gag” and Palmer adopted the hilarious saying, making it popular via her Snapchat and Twitter.


The Gag: Palmer is an author and her book “I don’t belong to you” is for the kids and the people. She always keeps it real and her Snapchat followers can testify to that. Her snap story is a hysterical yet inspirational play by play of her inner thoughts, career, family, and friends. She spreads unconditional love and human truth, follow her: KeekThaSneak.


The Gag: Although Palmer comes off as an “open book” who shares her soul with the world, she still struggles with vulnerability.


The Gag: Cinderella is her favorite role and R.Kelly was her favorite person to work with.


The Gag: Palmer is an advocate for the youth, education, and equality.

“Anything to do with young kids, my heart goes to. I feel like we have to put so much focus into young people, as we have to build them up while they are young in order to allow them to flourish as adults. Also, discrimination is a huge issue for me; I don’t like anything that is discriminatory in any way. Equality, acceptance for all, positivity, and education for the youth–that is where my heart is.” – KeKe Palmer

The Last Gag: If she ever win’s a Grammy, she wants the whole audience to pray with her.

I know that if I ever won a Grammy, I would get up on the stage and try to get everyone to pray; I would get up on the stage and say “if yall could bow your heads with me for 5 seconds.” That has always been a big thing for me, and you read it hear first…if I ever win a Grammy, we gon’ pray!

Keep it KeKe and keep doing YOUR thing. Palmer is a product of someone who is unapologetically themselves, even if she has to stand alone.

Want to read more from her interview with Vulkan Magazine?

Click Here.



Rhymefest’s Situation With The Chicago Police Inspire A New Song

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This past weekend, Grammy Award-winning artist Rhymefest, known for his major contribution to Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks” and work with The Donda House was robbed at gun point on the south side of Chicago. Luckily he survived without any injuries, but the tragedy didn’t end there. When the artist, community leader, and creative went to report the crime he was treated disgustingly by local police officers and staff.

After the video went viral with over 2,000 retweets on Twitter, the Chicago Police Department apologized. Apologies are cool and all but this is yet another situation where the cops aren’t protecting their community as they should. Research shows that police injustices   are happening on many different levels. Police reports and cases in lower economic areas are handled insufficiently in comparison to rural areas.

“75 percent of police officers that I’ve ran across. They see you as a potential criminal instead of a citizen that needs protection.” – Pastor Bruce Mcclue

Rhymefest fueled his anger into art hours after the incident, and created “#copsNrobbers”. The tracks producers and engineers include Xzibit, S1, Epikh Pro, Damon Ranger and feature Chicago Rapper, John The Author. Rhyme Fest lyrically told his story on the track while John The Author followed up and addressed the bigger picture of what is happening in Chicago.

African Americans have always turned their pain into beauty, especially when it comes to the arts. The African American Art culture has so much depth, richness, and genuineness because it is a representation of all that we have been through, what we have over came, and where we are going.

Take the time out to listen to Rhymefest’s latest track entitled “#CopsNrobbers” below:

Source: ChicagoTribune.Com







Natina Nimene Promoted To Vice President, Urban Promotion, for Def Jam

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The Urban Promotions will be in good hands while Natina and new Senior Vice President, Bill Evans, are on board.

Natina Nimene was only working as the Northeast Director for Def Jam for two years before getting promoted to the National Director. Her work to continue to climb the corporate latter has finally paid off now that she’s the new Vice President.

Executive Vice President of Urban Promotions Rodney Shealey boasted in his announcement how “proud” he was to have them on their team. His statement said:

“They have both been an integral part of the success of this promotion team and Def Jam as a whole. Their commitment to Def Jam’s artists, culture, and the radio community is unparalleled.”

Ms. Nimene also expressed her excitement of “working with the best promotion team in the business.”

“I am proud…to contribute to the tradition of Def Jam’s legacy of culturally defining music.  I started my career 11 years ago with Rodney Shealey, so this opportunity is reflective of his mentorship and leadership.”

Congratulations, Natina!

Minnesota Governor Declares June 7th “Prince Day” To Honor His Birthday

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Today’s a tough one for Prince’s family, friends and fans as the icon would’ve turned 58 years old today. While we continue to mourn his loss, we do have reason to celebrate as Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has officially declared June 7th “Prince Day” to further honor the icon and his day of birth.

The proclamation from the state urges Minnesotans to wear purple today, Tuesday the 7th, in honor of Prince’s legacy. There’s also a “Let’s Go Crazy” dance party planned at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland today to honor the legend. Prince was inducted into the Hall in 2004.

In addition to those feats, fans all over the world have been celebrating Prince nonstop. BET also announced today the performers they’ve chosen for their upcoming tribute at the BET Awards. It should be special to say the least.

Grab some purple gear and celebrate “Prince Day” today as we all continue to mourn the loss of the legendary musician Prince.

Bronx High School Embraces Hip Hop In A New Way

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There’s a high school in Bronx, New York who’s embracing a new tool for counseling by using the hip hop culture.

According to New York Times, New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science II is encouraging their students to write and record original rap songs in order to better cope with grief, anger and the hardships of life.

The article reports how “hip-hop therapy” is being used with teenagers in the Bronx and in other parts of the country as part of an expanding education movement.

17-year old, Jason Alcequiez says how hip-hop therapy has helped him by writings and rapping songs about fights with his parents as well as a girlfriend who broke up with him. Jason adds, “I’m not one of those people who would get sentimental about my feelings and talk about my feelings. I’d rather write it out in music.”

To get more familiar with hip-hop therapy and how it’s helping many Bronx students, head over to N.Y Times.

Big Fan Wanted To Meet Taylor Swift Before Losing Her Hearing and T. Swift Made It Happen!

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Taylor Swift is always in the spirit to change someone’s life and this weekend she did it again for one of her biggest fans!

Jorja of Sydeny, Australia was diagnosed with a condition that causes progressive hearing loss when she was just 12-years-old. Jorja is a huge Taylor Swift fan and the idea of one day never hearing Taylor Swift sing tore her apart. So, her twin sister, Chloe, did what twin sisters do and worked to make her dream of meeting the singer come true.

When Chloe found out Taylor Swift would be in Sydney she got to work and created a Facebook page dedicated to helping her sister meet T. Swift. The page garnered much success and with the help of a Sydney radio station Jorja was able to meet her favorite singer in person!

Taylor Swift has a history of making wishes come true. Earlier this year she granted a 4-year-old’s final wish and she also donated $50,000 to a fan with Leukemia. Well done Taylor!


Young Girls Covers Adele’s “Hello” and It’s Amazing!

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Adele presented us with an early Christmas gift when she dropped her single “Hello” last week. It’s safe to say the entire world loves it and come on, we don’t blame anyone.

While many have their own rendition of the song a high school student from Seoul, South Korea took our breathe away with her own cover. Accompanied by a classmate on the piano, the amazing video has since gone viral garnering over 2 million views in 2 days.

Check out the cover above and pass it along to a friend. Make someones day.

Teachers Uses Hip-Hop Music To Make Math Fun and Easy For Students

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It’s been proven time and time again that learning is much easier when it’s fun. Robert “Mr. Mac” MacCarthy decided to put a little twist on his math lessons making it fun and easy for his students.

MacCarthy teaches algebra and utilizes hip-hop music and then creates music video to share with fellow teachers and friends.

Check out his latest math lesson turned music video above and share with a friend if you can.