Live Civil Reviews Keyshia Cole’s New Album ‘Woman to Woman’

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Keyshia Cole has gone through an amazing transformation in front of our eyes the last few years. She went for being the spokeswoman for hurt and angry women everywhere to the face of happy relationships. From having an unstable relationship with her family to creating a beautiful family of her own. After her last project many of Keyshia’s fans wondered if she had lost her bite well with this new project she’s shown that she can still give you the music that you’ve grown to love her.

The album starts off with the single “Enough Of No Love” featuring Lil Wayne the song sets the tone for a very powerful album. In the song Keyshia says “I even thought about creeping/so you can get a dose of how I feel/cause our hearts could never break even” those lines along with a entertaining verse from Wayne gives this song the staying power it needed.

The song “missing you” gives you a flashback to the Keyshia Cole from the way it is album. The song is truly one of the stand outs on this album. Keyshia’s voice gets a chance to shine.

The next song Trust and Believe is my personal favorite. The slow beat paired in with Keyshia’s powerful voice. The song shows Keyshia seeing that she deserves more and you can feel her pain with every note hit.

The title track pairs Mrs.Cole-Gibson with Ashanti. The track which is a updated version of the ¬†1974 Shirley Brown hit with the same name. While the song is more reminiscent of Brandi and Monica’s the boy is mine it doesn’t lack in the relatable department. The song features Keyshia and Ashanti telling each other their sides of the love triangle they’re involved in.

The song I Choose You shows Keyshia caught in another relationship triangle. In which she says “can’t let you go/I tried hating you but I end up just loving you more” she sings to the man in her life.

Overall this is a very solid project. Only gripe here is that I wish she would’ve made more songs regarding her current situation. ¬†This album shows how she’s grown vocally and shows her ability to control a song. Keyshia has put together a album worth mentioning and a album that can help her once again be at the forefront of R&B.

Overall: 4.0 out of 5