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5 Reasons Why Alone Time Really Isn’t That Bad

So many people are freaked out about this idea of being “alone”. For whatever reason, spending time alone is often paired with being …

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Some Things Are More Expensive Simply Because You’re a Woman

Being a female is amazing. I mean, we are the only beings that can produce human life and that is amazing, to say …

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Finding Your Happiness

This Friday, January 11th at 12:59pm (thats afternoon, not morning, my actual time of birth) I’ll be celebrating my 25th birthday. While some …

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Avoiding The Resolution Trap in 2013

Typically I stray far from New Year’s Resolutions. At first it was because I was young and my mother used to make us …

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Anyone else tired of Moscato?

Moscato comes in about as many varieties and is made by as many different wineries as there are colors of crayons. I remember …

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Are You Hustling Backwards?

Welcome to Monday morning and all of the trappings and challenges that come with it. Be it returning to the mundane demands of …

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GQ Names Michelle O. Least Influential???

December is frequently the time where various outlets and publications do their yearly recaps. Everyone from BET’s Notarized, to

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Hudson Jeans “I Choose” Campaign

Hudson Jeans asked me to take part in their “I Choose” Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. During …