21 Day Fitness Challenge Courtesy of ‘Her Body Guide’

If living a healthier lifestyle is one of your top priorities, that’s great — because we have the perfect opportunity for you, as the new year approaches. You may ask yourself. Why is being fit so important? There are many reasons why, however, here is all the perks of joining this twenty one day challenge, courtesy of Her Body Guide.

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Being physically active reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and several other bodily diseases. With a good nutrition and regular workout schedule, you’re bound to reach and maintain a healthy weight that you not only love, but you’re comfortable showing off!

This 21 day guide is exactly what you’ll need to get your healthy lifestyle up and running. This is not meant as a weight loss challenge — if you happen to shed pounds in the process, wonderful! However, the purpose is to train your mind and body so you can be a healthier and more vibrant you!

By signing up, you will receive access to …

  • welcome newsletter explaining everything that is going on
  • personalized grocery list
  • access to “easy to prepare” meal plans (breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner)
  • easy to follow at home workouts
  • videos to workouts that may not make seem so easy to put in words
  • access to a a community/ fitness group with like minded individuals
  • first dibs on Her Body Guide team workout sessions
  • 1 on 1 workout session with a personal trainer
  • celebratory dinner for those individuals that complete the program

The best part about all of that is that it’s free.

Interested in signing up? Email herbodyguide@gmail.com with subject line “21 Day Challenge” by January 3rd. The challenge will begin January 8th.

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Lifestyle Expert Michel Sproles is Creating Opportunities for Herself, While Giving Back to The Community

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When I asked Ms. Sproles “What do you want your story to mean?” She told me, “I want my story to impact people. If I can just impact one person, I think I’ve done my job.”

At that point I understood the vision.

What does it mean to create opportunities for yourself, while making a significant impact on other lives? Ask Michel Sproles, the face and genius mind behind ‘The Pink Line’ a company providing quality hair extensions and wigs to survivors. Michel is more than just a mom and wife to NFL player,  Darren Sproles. She’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist, lifestyle expert, & mentor to young boys and girls.

something just wasn’t sitting well with her spirit…

After the birth of her second daughter, Michel noticed an area in her right breast that was thicker than her left. “It wasn’t a lump, it just felt different.” And because she has always been so in tuned with her body, she seeked advice from her husband and sister, who didn’t quite understand what she was talking about.

“I went to my doctor anyway and she referred me to get an ultrasound — which is generally what they would do for someone my age [at that time I was 28 years old], just had my second daughter. They told me that I had Obstructed Milk Ducts from having my baby…” In other words, “there was still milk in my ducts. But because I never breastfed my daughter….I thought this was new, to still have milk in my breasts” months later.

One of two OBGYN doctors informed Michel that she was generally healthy, the other encouraged her to get a mammogram and biopsy. The test results revealed an early stage of cancer called ‘Duct Carcinoma in Situation’ (DCIS), also known as Stage 0 breast cancer. At this point, the cells has not yet spread outside the ducts surrounding the breast tissue, however, the area was so large that there was no way to remove just the one breast’s

to the doctor and what this meant for her family…

“If I was your wife, 28 years old, two kids and a husband, what would you tell your wife to do?” The doctor — “I would tell my wife to remove it.

I went ahead and had a double vasectomy. Literally seven days later. And you know what? From there, it was like…I didn’t even process it till like afterwards. I went more into a survival mode. My kids were on my mind, my husband. Look! I’m 28 years old and I want to do what I have to, to prevent this from happening again. I want to be there for my family…”

From there, Michel exposed herself to other women who went through chemo, radiation, thus beginning the the inspiration for her hairline.

on ‘Sproles Empowered Youth Foundation’ & what opportunities it provides for teens…

“My husband and I actually started ‘Sproles Empowered Youth’ prior to my hairline. ‘Sproles Empowered Youth’ is a non profit organization.” Teens (ages thirteen to seventeen), get the opportunity to “stay on a college campus and experience what it is like to live the life of a college student.”

“We have workshops, where we teach the kids how to create resumes, how to fill out job applications/college applications. We talk to them about vocational schools, because everyone doesn’t want to go to college — we talk to them about those options. We have a health and sex education course that we have someone come and talk to the kids about sexually transmitted diseases, hygiene. We have a financial literacy class, where my personal financial advisor discusses the importance of a checking and savings — fico scores, just teaching them life skills that are not taught in a traditional school setting.”

the husband, shared values, sparked partnership, possible miss communications…

“We both come from humble beginnings and we realized that there was just so much that we did not learn in school…that we had to learn later. Trial and error. We thought it would be real to give back to our community, and teach these kids something that they can actually use. Definitely going to school is important, but life skills in general can be more valuable than an actual education. We share values in terms of being driven, disciplined — our passion is in giving back.”

In terms of miss communications, Michel and her husband tend to be “on the same page”. The only thing that can be challenging at times is, “time commitment.” The goal is to “give the kids an opportunity to soak up as much information for the little days they are there.”

conversations with other women & the birth of ‘The Pink Line’…

“From having a lot of conversations with women, most are concerned about losing their hair. That’s how I got into the hair industry — just wanting women to feel beautiful, despite what they’re experiencing. So having quality wigs” just seemed right for that time. 

on the life of a CEO and how the positions improves leadership and mentorship roles within…

“Get up in the morning, get my kids ready for school. I usually work out, pray. Whether I’m in my office or home office, I’m answering emails and working on both my businesses at the same time. I just try to balance it. However the first few hours of my day, I’m working on ‘The Pink Line’…

There’s a young girl that I’m mentoring now. And sometimes I get too vested and that can be challenging to pull myself back. You can only make change to those that want the help and sometimes when you see the potential in people, you try to go above and beyond. It can be difficult. I feel like I’m good at balancing everything now. 

I enjoy mentoring. Just to see people evolve, grow, and be better than they were — and knowing I had something to do with it, is definitely gratifying.”

the difference, what sets ‘The Pink Line’ apart from others…

“I’m really focusing on younger women, the younger demographic — because we have a tendency to think we’re invincible and nothing can happen to us (because we’re young). I’m also trying to focus on being proactive in early detection, because that’s really what saves life and I feel like that’s what saved my life…is me being diligent, in tune with my body.”

A lot of times people talk about cancer when someone has cancer, versus preventative measures and that’s what’s important to me. I really try to push preventative care — making sure you’re getting your mammograms at the time of 18 up until 40, you should be getting physicals, breast checks…

I focus on success stories. For one my story with having stage 0 breast cancer will never be heard. When people think of cancer, we think of women with no hair…death. So my way of reaching out to the younger demographic is telling them my story” in addition to others.

future collaborations…

Sproles hopes to collaborate with Vanessa Bell Calloway. “She and I have the exact same diagnoses and I really feel like if more young women heard the positive stories from women who have large platform…she can help get that message across even more…”

company expectations in three to five years…

“Well, ‘The Pink Line’ — I see the brand not only getting bigger and better, but service more breast cancer survivors, provide them with more wigs, and do more events. I want to continue those efforts of giving women free mammograms.” Also “doing more things with young women. Like beauty ‘How To’s,’ workshops, and giving back to young women. I see that evolving…

In terms of the foundation, “as we grow, make more money, we can probably do some things probably like during spring break.” Right now the camp is only available during the summer.

running two companies, feeling uninspired, and self care routines…

“I feel like I was truly blessed in my story and truly blessed to have been able to overcome what I overcame with my health. I’m all about sharing my story, making sure that I’m giving back. I never get tired of doing that. I never get uninspired, if anything I’m tired.

I workout. I love to run, and sometimes I just like to do nothing. I love lifetime. So if I can get a day to just sit on the couch and my kids are chilled, doing what they’re doing. I don’t do Netflix really, but I do Lifetime and Law & Order — sun up to sun down.”

thank u, but what’s next …

“The Pink Line is focused on building and marketing. There’s so many hair lines, the industry is over saturated. But the story behind it, is what brings value. It’s more than just purchasing extensions, it’s giving back to survivors.”

For the foundation, rebuilding. Just making sure we find creative ways to keep it going and staying relevant, even after my husband retires.”

“It’s so important to have a vision. In addition to that, actually write down what your goals are in accomplishing — having a clear plan. Pick a lane, find out what you’re passionate about.


Naomi Campbell Let’s Us Into Her World With Her New YouTube Channel, “Being Naomi”

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Naomi Campbell has had a busy couple of years. She got a new position as Vogue Magazine’s Contributing Editor, she recently switched modeling agencies, landed re-occurring roles on TV shows and participated in prominent model campaigns. It’s safe to say the supermodel is booked and busy. Now Campbell plans on documenting parts of her life via her new YouTube channel, “Being Naomi“.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what life was like for the model extraordinaire, you’ll get an inside glimpse of her travels, work-life, and down time with friends and family. Last Thursday, Campbell posted a video to her channel introducing the new series. “I’ve been a supermodel, I’ve been an activist, I’ve been a friend of the most amazing people in my lifetime. I’ve been criticized and I’ve been praised. But through all of this, I’ve always remained  Naomi,” she said.

Through Campbell’s YouTube channel, we’ll get to see the part of her that wants to change the world through philanthropy and advocacy. She currently has three videos up and two of them are highlighting Nelson Mandela and the Global Citizen concert in South Africa.

Jamiah Bennett, A Black Spinning Instructor Making a Difference at the University of Connecticut

As a high school student, Bennett developed a great interest in running track. By the time she realized she loved the sport, it was too late in her high school years to join the team. So instead, she became a spinning instructor, which you could kind of say happened by accident.

It all started in the Spring 2017 semester of school. Bennett’s friend invited her to a spinning class and she instantly fell in love! For her, it was more than the physical change — it was mental stability, especially when dealing with the stress of school (on top of everything else).

As an instructor, Bennett says she wants to be the “motivator” in the college setting. Every week, she dedicates her time to personalizing unique workouts for three BoyWise spinning classes. As the participants make their way to class, “I play music and begin introducing myself. I check bikes, gets to know people” and overall make the environment pleasant. Before the workout (or even the warm up), Bennett talks safety and familiarizes each student with parts of the bike. “Warm up takes about ten minutes, “it really just depends on the workout.” For her, heavy strength or endurance workouts equals longer warmup to prepare the muscles.

So what exactly makes Jamiah Bennett so different? The care she takes in putting her students body needs first. She’s constantly alternating workout routines for those challenge ready individuals also dedicating themselves to the class every week.

During the cool down process of the workout, Bennett give participants a minute or two to relax. It later becomes more structured with arm stretches and leg resistance. Off the bike “they stretch their quads, hamstring, & glutes.” At the end, “I always end with three big breaths to help with reducing heart rate. I also give them high five and “great job!”

When Jamiah is not instructing — she’s either studying or taking on her resident assistant job responsibilities. In the future, she hopes to get “Small Group Certification”, which allows her to teach small fitness classes with cardio, strength, & high intensity strength training.

Shout out to Kaisa Keranen, who Bennett is heavenly influenced by. She enjoys watching her workout videos, which she also implements in her daily workouts and classes.

If you’re interested in becoming a certified spinning trainer or you’re one already, here are 5 tips you should consider.

Think About Why

Why do you you want to become an instructor? As an instructor, you’ll be working with a bunch of people — so it’s not wise to just think about doing it for yourself. Really and truly, it’s about the participates. Why is fitness & wellness important for you?

Be real

People tend to look at fitness instructors as these perfect people on a Pedestal. They are human! So don’t try to put on a ficade.

When You’re An Instructor…

When you actually become one. Think of the purpose of your workouts. Don’t just put it together because you like it. Think about why you’re doing that workout, and why you’re getting others to do it.

Get To Know Your Participants

Once you know your students, it’ll allow them to appreciate & encourages you as the instructor to remember the little things they tell you.

Have Fun With It

Don’t make it feel like a burden. Have fun doing the workouts, making the playlist, etc.

What motivates you to keep teaching when you don’t feel the greatest?

The participants. They make it enjoyable. I realize that they are coming to my class for a purpose, so I have to cater to accomplishing their goals.

How do you motivate yourself  to work out your own?

I know it’ll benefit me. Working & moving out. It’s hard to think of a reason not to go. I always keep in mind the quote, “Mind over matter” and think of the afterward feeling.

When you don’t have access to the gym, what do you do?

Body Weight workouts, go for a run. You do not need a gym to exercise, not at all. Those days that I don’t want to go to the gym, I use what I have around me. My fitness influencer shows herself using suitcases, or any other materials around her. Whatever she has to do to get that workout in.

I try to do the same thing.

A one hour workout is only 4% of your day.

Currently, Bennet is also a certified AFAA Small Group Fitness instructor.

7 Inspirational Quotes Written by Black Women

Shirley Chisholm

“You don’t make progress by standing in the sidelines, whimpering, and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.”

Diana Ross

“You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.”

Oprah Winfrey

“Whatever you fear most has no power – it is your fear that has the power. The thing itself canning touch you. But if you allow your fear to deep into your mind and overtake your thoughts, it will rob of your life.” 


“Keep working hard and you can get anything that you want. If God have you the talent, you should go for it. But don’t think it’s going to be easy. It’s hard!” 

Maya Angelou

“Nothing will work unless you do.” 


“You have the power to change perception, to inspire, and empower, and to show people how to embrace their complications, and see the flaws, and the true beauty and strength that’s inside all of us.” 


“I always believed that when you follow your heart or your gut, when you really follow the things that feel great to you, you can never lose because settling is the worst feeling in the world.”


#CivilChat A Conversation with ‘her sweat’ Co-Founders Adelle Platon & Niki McGloster

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‘her sweat.’ is a digital platform that seeks to highlight health and fitness from a woman’s perspective. Why was it created? “Because we can” says co founders Niki McGloster and Adelle Platon. Its “the perfect hub for women who love the sweet trifecta of sports, fitness and lifestyle….”

Today, via twitter, Live Civil had the opportunity to dive into a meaningful conversation. The co-founders discussed everything from how they came up with the idea of ‘her sweat’, to what motivates them as individuals, to continuing working together.

If you missed Live Civil’s #CivilChat with @hersweat, head over to @hersweat + @livecivil‘s official twitter pages to see what went down.


How did the idea of ‘her sweat.’ come about? What inspired you both (Adelle & Niki) to join forces in bringing this company to life?

we came up with the idea while working at together. tbh, we just wanted to create a pop culture-infused digital space for young boss women actively pursuing a healthier lifestyle to learn and be able to relate. nothing stuffy or too clinical – just real.

s/o to for pushing us to really do it!

What do you wish you knew before you first started building ‘her sweat.’?

everything! lol, so much is learned through trial and error tho. we’ve learned a ton from our individual careers (writing, on-air talent, hosting, etc.), like managing biz relationships, learning graphic design and tackling legal. we’ve handled the learning curve well.

Two women working under the same roof. How do you both manage to stay motivated & continue working together?

we secretly hate each other. can’t you tell? sike, no! we’re friends first, then we balance one another quite effortlessly in biz. if one of us is out of pocket for any particular reason, the other hops in and takes the reins.

+we both want to create change through our co., so we’re equally invested. this is our baby frfr and we’re damn good at co-parenting.

What frustrates you most as a business owner/fitness enthusiast? How do you balance the two?

it’s hard not to fall back into old unhealthy habits. as biz owners/entrepreneurs who have our own separate endeavors, it’s tough not to guzzle champagne or skip one (or three!) week of gym sessions. but you gotta walk it like you talk it. period.

+it’s not so much that’s it’s frustrating but it definitely requires discipline. we hold each other accountable too, which is what is about – having a friend to keep you in check.

How does maintaining a consistent fitness routine in your personal life improve your perfroamnces as the faces behind ‘her sweat.’

making healthy choices consistently really helps us learn what other women are dealing with in this space, which helps us connect to the community we want to build. it allows us to stay aware of trends, how to cover health and to be inclusive, too.

I imagine running a company is not as easy as it sounds, when you’re not going over logistics for the company, what does self care look like for Niki & Adelle?

. will disconnect from social media quick! that’s the best self-care for her – just to be still & live in the moment. loves to tackle any type of adventure but finds her “me time” by unplugging, getting a massage & practicing mindfulness.

What kind go culture exists within ‘her sweat.’? How did you establish it? How do you continue to maintain that environment?

tbh, we’re still building the culture. but we would like it to be an ever-growing community of women of all backgrounds nurturing one another & being kind to their bodies while also stepping up to create change through community initiatives.

+whether it’s participating in blood cancer awareness drives, running for causes, and developing a real movement toward healthy living for all.

You’ve interviewed everyone from Jeanette Jenkins, to Broadcast Journalist Cari Champion, & dancer (for Beyonce) Quinny Wilmington — What was the process like when landing those collabs?

aw man. these were some of our first interviews, and we tapped them bc of their work and personal stories. we knew their experiences would be inspo and helpful to our audience…

+thankfully we’ve fostered some really great relationships in our industries, so we look forward to bringing y’all more content like this.

How are you applying what’s happening in the industry to building your brand? For example, social media is replacing websites and how brands market themselves. How are you able to adjust to the growing industry?

great question! we started out wanting to provide written coverage of the health/fitness world, but we’ve had to pivot to utilize more video, rework our marketing strategies toward more in-person opportunities and lean more heavily on our social media sphere.

+it’s been interesting to say the least but the change has undoubtedly worked in our favor. our site is still in the works but you’ll certainly see more original content on our social channels in the new year.


What are some of your favorite parts about being co founders for ‘her sweat.’ specifically? Do you have least favorites?

the best part is that we get to do this together (*cue the “awww”*)! and ya know, so many of our peers and even people we don’t know support us every single day. that’s love. least favorite part? can’t say we have one. rn we’re enjoying all the highs and growing pains.

What advice would you give to those interested in becoming not just business owners, but fitness entrepreneurs?

do your homework, utilize your network and live this life. you can’t be a fitness entrepreneur without knowing your industry, so learn a little more every day.

How can those interested in learning more stay in touch with ‘her sweat?’? Niki? Adelle?

well, certainly follow us at on all social channels. re-launch party coming in Q1 (😉) and we’re announcing some major opportunities before the end of the month!

+our newsletter sign-ups start next week, too, which will include lil messages from us to keep women encouraged and also events, by us and our fav fit friends, that we feel you should attend. be prepared to see a LOT of next year.

Here are some of the questions from our viewers…



#CivilChat Thread 

Say Hello To the New Co-Designer for Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2019 Launch

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It’s official! — Zendaya is now following in the foot steps of Gigi Hadid.

After a two year partnership with model Gigi Hadid, the American Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger announced on Tuesday the new women successor, brand ambassador, and co designer for his new capsule collection collaboration is none other Zendaya.

“I love to collaborate with people who are making their dreams a reality…” Says Zendaya. 

And so it begins.

The multitalented face is set to collaborate with Hilfiger on a new ‘Tommy X Zendaya’ collection, which would be revealed in Spring of 2019.

“Zendaya has become a global icon, using fashion to make bold statements while always staying true to herself..” Said Hilfiger, while speaking with WWD magazine. “Our capsule collection will fuse her eclectic style with the Americana spirit of our brand.”

Who else is excited to see what this is collection is about?

Hilfiger continues to trust in the creativity of his co-designers. And to be quiet honest, Zendaya already knows what she wants.

Duckie Thot Wants To Help More Girls Love The Beauty of Their Dark Skin As New Face of L’Oréal Paris

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Duckie Thot is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the fashion and beauty industry as it was recently announced that not only will she be walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year, but she has been named the latest brand ambassador for L’Oréal.

“While emerging in a new generation of models, Duckie Thot knows how to use her voice to match the strength of her images,” said L’Oréal Paris global president Pierre-Emmanuel Angeloglou. “Her energy and message of inclusivity make her a perfect recruit for the L’Oréal Paris family: original and confident in her self-worth. We’re delighted to welcome Duckie and for her to continue motivating women to believe in their own beauty around the globe.”

If you’re unfamiliar with 22-year-old Sudanese model Duckie Thot, whose first name is really Nyadak, she came in third place on Australia’s Next Top Model in 2013 and decided to move to New York City shortly after to further her modeling career. The move definitely paid off as the has graced numerous runways, including Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty lingerie line and her upcoming debut in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show mentioned above. She’s also starred in ad campaigns for Fenty Beauty, Balmain, Moschino, Oscar de la Renta and more.

I’m honored to represent L’Oréal Paris, a brand that celebrates infinite ways to be beautiful and makes products for all women,” Thot said. “I’m looking forward to helping more girls love the beauty of their dark skin. In my mind, I’m going back in time and telling the young girl I was: ‘Dream big, work hard and trust in yourself girl, because one day you’re going to say yes to the number-one beauty brand.’”

Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry & More Raise Millions To Renovate August Wilson’s Childhood Home

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Denzel Washington is honoring legendary American playwright August Wilson by raising money to renovate Wilson’s childhood Pittsburgh home. The Academy Award-winning actor was reportedly able to raise $5 million in an effort to start the process of turning the 1727 Bedford Avenue home into a museum and art studio.

The August Wilson House will be renovated to resemble how it looked during Wilson’s occupancy and will include some artifacts that belonged to him. It has also been said that the space will be used to hold classes for aspiring writers and to host plays.

“I love August Wilson,” Denzel said during the groundbreaking ceremony in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. “He touches my soul, our souls, in a way that no one else I know has. This is just like coming home.”

Celebrity donations to the August Wilson fundraising project include Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Samuel L. Jackson, Shonda Rhimes, and Spike Lee.

“It’s surreal, being able to cultivate a relationship with a significant donor just caps off this incredibly long journey,” said Paul Ellis, Wilson’s nephew.

In 2015, Washington announced that he had landed a deal with HBO to produce nine of August Wilson’s plays for the cable network. According to the Post-Gazette, the HBO project is still in the works and is slated to be released by 2020. This is also the expected completion of the August Wilson House.

“It starts with August and the wonderful people here and the commitment that we see today to this community, and I’m glad to be a part of that,” said Washington.

5 Things You Should Consider Doing Before The Year Is Over

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Can you believe that 2018 is almost over?

92 days left and counting.

Do you know what that means? There are still enough days, hours, and seconds left to complete those last minute to do’s. So, consider these 5 tasks when preparing yourself for what we hope, will be a fulfilling year for you.

  1. Reconnect With Yourself

Read a good book or Netflix and chill for a day. You need two extra days? So be it. Plan a trip to Dubai or Cancun. Just make sure you’re taking care of you.

By putting your needs upfront, you’re already starting off the new year on a positive note.

  1. Got Health?

Get your health in order! It can be easy to forget about yourself when you’re always taking care of others. So start here — Begin by creating time for those things you wanted to do. Interested in visiting the doctor? Want to take care of that overdue check up? Just get it done. Get your life together.

  1. Set Your 2019 Goals and Plan For the Future

This is pretty self explanatory. You’re thinking about those goals right now, aren’t you?

When it comes to setting and planning, identify something that you want to accomplish and give yourself a reasonable timeframe. If your goal requires money, set a certain amount of money aside so you’re not scramming, trying to make ends meet. It’ll be worth it. Just stick to it and stay consistent.

Having a hard time sticking to it? Readjust and get back into it. Find that motivation!

“Create a plan, and hold yourself accountable..”

  1. Forgive If Not Forget

Whatever is making you emotional. Let it go. It’s not worth your mental health or insanity. If it’s been on your mind lately, be the first to reach out. I know it’s easier said than done, but just be the bigger person and face that fear. Life is way too short for all this nonsense.

If that person at the end of the day doesn’t accept your offer. Move on. At least you tried.

Also, don’t be so quick to wish bad on them. That’s negative energy you’re bringing in and we definitely don’t need that for the new year.

  1. Get Your Team Together

If the ones close to you are not supporting you, they are not your friends. Simple as that. You know the people that matter to you the most. Therefore everyone else is extra baggage.

You don’t need anyone bringing you down.

It’s really not you acting Hollywood, it’s you getting your life.

Cicely Tyson Makes History As First Black Woman To Receive Honorary Oscar

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced earlier this month that Cicely Tyson has been chosen as a recipient of an honorary Oscar award. The 93-year old legendary actress will make history as the first black woman to receive an honorary Oscar, according to PEOPLE. This will make Cicely the fourth black person overall to receive this award.

In 1973, Cicely Tyson was nominated for her leading performance in Sounder. Throughout her career, she has won a Tony award, two Emmys, and a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

In a statement, Academy President John Bailey says, “Choosing the honorees for its awards each year is the happiest of all the Board of Governors’ work. And this year, its selection of five iconic artists was made universal acclaim by the Academy’s 54 spirited governors.”

Producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, Argentinian composer Lalo Schifrin, and publicist Marvin Levy will also receive honorary Oscars. The awards will be presented at the 10th annual Governors Awards on Nov. 18.

Pam Lifford Becomes President Of Warner Bros. Global Brands & Experiences

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A huge congratulations  is in order for Pam Lifford. She has been promoted to President, Warner Bros. Global Brands and Experiences, with responsibility for Warner Bros. Consumer Products, DC, Themed Entertainment and a new Global Franchise team.

In a statement to Deadline, Lifford says,

“This is an incredible opportunity for us to super-serve our fans across a variety of platforms and venues throughout their lifetimes,” said Lifford, the highest-ranking African-American woman at WB, reporting directly to Tsujihara. “Warner Bros. has world-class characters and brands that are beloved around the world — from our licensed DC Super Heroes and the Looney Tunes and Hanna Barbera animated superstars to a library of over 10,000 films and TV shows — and we’re now making it a priority to bring these properties to fans in new and exciting ways.  I’m thrilled to take on this challenge and look forward to working with my colleagues across the Studio to make this new business a great success.”

Lifford will also coordinate with Warner Media sister companies HBO and Turner as well as various AT&T divisions when needed. She joined the Warner Bros Team as an overseer for Consumer Products in 2016. She was in charge of all WBCP business functions including domestic and international licensing and worldwide marketing. Lifford’s new position is a testament to hard work paying off.