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Flint Water Is Headed Back To Normalcy

Flint’s water is finally heading back to normalcy, the levels of lead no longer exceed the federal limit. This is amazing news for the country …

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DJ Khaled and Get Schooled Launch the “Key To Health” Initiative

Dj Khaled had an amazing 2016, he reached levels in his career that were unimaginable and kept all of us motivated via Snapchat while doing …

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Shake the Shame, Put Mental Health First

“You should get professional help.” I literally never thought I would hear someone tell me those words.

It wasn’t until I realized what …

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Don’t Panic: Here’s A Healthcare To-Do List For Women Before Trump Becomes President

The election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence has Americans wondering how their health care options will be affected. During Trump’s campaign, he spoke of …

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#NationalStressAwarenessDay: 5 Unconventional Ways To De-Stress On A Daily Basis

Have you ever found yourself in a position where nothing seems to be going the way you planned? Your to-do list is unbearable and seems as …

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Meditation Replaces Detention At This Baltimore Elementary School

Forms of discipline in the education system vary across schools and cultures. In America, we are used to the star/smiley face system, detention, all day isolation, …

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5 Morning Pick Me Up’s You Should Start Each Day With

What is the first thing you think of or look at in the morning? Is it your social media timeline that sometimes has you wishing …

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The FDA Reveals Brand New Nutrition Facts To Better Display Important Health Information

The FDA makes a big step in the health world today by unveiling brand new nutrition facts with hopes to better display important health information …