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Being Transgender Is No Longer Considered A Mental Disorder By World Health Organization

The World Health Organization will no longer classify being transgender as a mental health disorder, the public health agency announced recently.

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Trans Soul Singer Shea Diamond Speaks On Finding Her Voice While In A Male Prison

Growing up as a trans woman in Flint Michigan, soul singer Shea Diamond, did not have easy. Identifying as a girl from an …

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Organizers Of The Women’s March To Rally In Multiple Cities In January 2017

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, thousands of sisters will be marching to remind government representatives that they report to the people, all people. …

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IKEA Creates Adorable Toy Collection To Raise Money For Charity

IKEA’s latest initiative has absolutely nothing to do with furniture yet the project has given us even more reason to …

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[Watch] SEEING Ellen Page Come Out Is Way Better Than Reading About It

Juno and Inception actress Ellen Page started a small firestorm on the internet with her coming out …

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Who Has The Biggest Fans? Gaga’s Little Monster’s Wrote A Whole Book About It

It’s no secret the devotion that Lady Gaga’s fan’s, the Little Monster’s, have for her. So hearing of a book composed entirely by …

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Live Civil Supports GLAAD #SpiritDay

Take a stand with us, GLAAD and millions of other brave individuals as we show support for #SpiritDay against bullying tomorrow October 17th  …

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Supreme Court Repeals DOMA + Grants Federal Benefits To Legally Married Same Sex Couples

In a history making ruling, the Supreme Court officially ruled against the controversial Defense of Marriage Act citing it as being unconstitutional and …