Her Body Guide’s ’21 Day Transformation’ February Challenge

Her Body Guide is a fitness brand created by Amanda Mensah and Kadijat Salawudeen. They decided to join forces and create this 21 Day Challenge in hopes of transforming a group of girls into a close knit community.

It’s meant for like minded individuals to not only work together as a group, but push beyond their limits.

By signing up, you will receive access to…

Meal + Workout plans which includes…

  • specific grocery list
  • meal plan (breakfast, lunch snacks, + dinner)
  • easy to follow at home workouts
  • 1 on 1 session with a personal trainer

Community Based Fitness Group ….

  • Communicate with like minded individuals in a group chat
  • Access to workout facilities (such as boxing, yoga, kickboxing, & more)
  • Connect with other fitness influencers in hopes of creating a healthier lifestyle.

Rewards  …

  • Two lucky winners will receive cash prizes for the best transformation.
  • Celebratory dinner at a Fancy Restaurant (NYC/NJ Areas)

Important Information

Challenge begins: February 4th – 25th

Deadline to sign up: February 1st

Interested in signing up? Buy Tickets Here 

More questions? Email info@her-bodyguide.com



See January challenge. 

21 Day Fitness Challenge Courtesy of ‘Her Body Guide’

If living a healthier lifestyle is one of your top priorities, that’s great — because we have the perfect opportunity for you, as the new year approaches. You may ask yourself. Why is being fit so important? There are many reasons why, however, here is all the perks of joining this twenty one day challenge, courtesy of Her Body Guide.

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Being physically active reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and several other bodily diseases. With a good nutrition and regular workout schedule, you’re bound to reach and maintain a healthy weight that you not only love, but you’re comfortable showing off!

This 21 day guide is exactly what you’ll need to get your healthy lifestyle up and running. This is not meant as a weight loss challenge — if you happen to shed pounds in the process, wonderful! However, the purpose is to train your mind and body so you can be a healthier and more vibrant you!

By signing up, you will receive access to …

  • welcome newsletter explaining everything that is going on
  • personalized grocery list
  • access to “easy to prepare” meal plans (breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner)
  • easy to follow at home workouts
  • videos to workouts that may not make seem so easy to put in words
  • access to a a community/ fitness group with like minded individuals
  • first dibs on Her Body Guide team workout sessions
  • 1 on 1 workout session with a personal trainer
  • celebratory dinner for those individuals that complete the program

The best part about all of that is that it’s free.

Interested in signing up? Email herbodyguide@gmail.com with subject line “21 Day Challenge” by January 3rd. The challenge will begin January 8th.

Follow @herbodyguide on instagram and twitter.


Jamiah Bennett, A Black Spinning Instructor Making a Difference at the University of Connecticut

As a high school student, Bennett developed a great interest in running track. By the time she realized she loved the sport, it was too late in her high school years to join the team. So instead, she became a spinning instructor, which you could kind of say happened by accident.

It all started in the Spring 2017 semester of school. Bennett’s friend invited her to a spinning class and she instantly fell in love! For her, it was more than the physical change — it was mental stability, especially when dealing with the stress of school (on top of everything else).

As an instructor, Bennett says she wants to be the “motivator” in the college setting. Every week, she dedicates her time to personalizing unique workouts for three BoyWise spinning classes. As the participants make their way to class, “I play music and begin introducing myself. I check bikes, gets to know people” and overall make the environment pleasant. Before the workout (or even the warm up), Bennett talks safety and familiarizes each student with parts of the bike. “Warm up takes about ten minutes, “it really just depends on the workout.” For her, heavy strength or endurance workouts equals longer warmup to prepare the muscles.

So what exactly makes Jamiah Bennett so different? The care she takes in putting her students body needs first. She’s constantly alternating workout routines for those challenge ready individuals also dedicating themselves to the class every week.

During the cool down process of the workout, Bennett give participants a minute or two to relax. It later becomes more structured with arm stretches and leg resistance. Off the bike “they stretch their quads, hamstring, & glutes.” At the end, “I always end with three big breaths to help with reducing heart rate. I also give them high five and “great job!”

When Jamiah is not instructing — she’s either studying or taking on her resident assistant job responsibilities. In the future, she hopes to get “Small Group Certification”, which allows her to teach small fitness classes with cardio, strength, & high intensity strength training.

Shout out to Kaisa Keranen, who Bennett is heavenly influenced by. She enjoys watching her workout videos, which she also implements in her daily workouts and classes.

If you’re interested in becoming a certified spinning trainer or you’re one already, here are 5 tips you should consider.

Think About Why

Why do you you want to become an instructor? As an instructor, you’ll be working with a bunch of people — so it’s not wise to just think about doing it for yourself. Really and truly, it’s about the participates. Why is fitness & wellness important for you?

Be real

People tend to look at fitness instructors as these perfect people on a Pedestal. They are human! So don’t try to put on a ficade.

When You’re An Instructor…

When you actually become one. Think of the purpose of your workouts. Don’t just put it together because you like it. Think about why you’re doing that workout, and why you’re getting others to do it.

Get To Know Your Participants

Once you know your students, it’ll allow them to appreciate & encourages you as the instructor to remember the little things they tell you.

Have Fun With It

Don’t make it feel like a burden. Have fun doing the workouts, making the playlist, etc.

What motivates you to keep teaching when you don’t feel the greatest?

The participants. They make it enjoyable. I realize that they are coming to my class for a purpose, so I have to cater to accomplishing their goals.

How do you motivate yourself  to work out your own?

I know it’ll benefit me. Working & moving out. It’s hard to think of a reason not to go. I always keep in mind the quote, “Mind over matter” and think of the afterward feeling.

When you don’t have access to the gym, what do you do?

Body Weight workouts, go for a run. You do not need a gym to exercise, not at all. Those days that I don’t want to go to the gym, I use what I have around me. My fitness influencer shows herself using suitcases, or any other materials around her. Whatever she has to do to get that workout in.

I try to do the same thing.

A one hour workout is only 4% of your day.

Currently, Bennet is also a certified AFAA Small Group Fitness instructor.

Mya Launches Her Very Own Vegan Wine

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Grammy award-winning recording artist Mya has always looked absolutely amazing. One of her secrets to her all natural glow is her vegan diet. Many wine manufacturers are still using animal-based fining agents and there are only a select few vegan options when it comes to choosing a good wine. Mya has decided to launch her own vegan wine, The Planet 9 Fine Wine by Mya.

The product is now available on her online shop for shipping to select US states.

Planet 9 has a red cabernet sauvignon with plum infusions. Planet 9 and many other vineyards and wineries are beginning to switch over to plant-based fining agents due to increased consumer awareness and the mistrust of animal products.

Mya hopes that her wine promotes the vegan message specifically to fans who aren’t too familiar with the lifestyle. Hopefully, her consumers begin to do their own research on the vegan lifestyle and its benefits after seeing how its impacted her life.

Mya told The Root,  “Some of the pros of veganism? Let’s start with clarity in the mental space, even spiritual connection with the rest of the world, environmentalism, it takes about 25,000 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef.”  She created an online vegan transition guide for people who are unsure of switching over.

“[Veganism is] a lifestyle, it’s not just about diet, it’s about your home décor, your fashion, what you are driving, what you are wearing, all kinds of things. Everything that you already are used to and love, there is a vegan version. Or you can organize your meals, it’s a beautiful thing.”  – Mya

So, who’s trying to get fine like wine with Mya?

Send your thoughts on veganism and let us know some of your favorite vegan brands and alternatives!

Five Types Of Yoga That Anyone Can Master

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Have you ever wanted to try yoga but you aren’t sure of what kind of yoga practice is right for you? Well in honor of #National Yoga Day, we are breaking down all the types of yoga classes you can attend from physical, to mental, or spiritual, here are five types of yoga practices that anyone can master.



Acro Yoga: AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community. This is my personal favorite type of yoga style, although it can be intense, it is worth it. Acro yoga strengthens your core, balance skills, and upper body strength. I would highly recommend eating before practicing this type of yoga style because you will exude a lot of energy.



Hot Yoga: Just like the name, hot yoga is hot. During hot yoga you are doing a combination of yoga poses in a 105-degree room for 90 minutes. The benefits of Hot Yoga include flexibility and less warm-up time. While hot yoga has become a popular trend, it is important to take some safety measures, drink lots of water to stay dehydrated because extreme cases, it can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.




Hatha Yoga: Hatha derives from the Sanskrit term ” This physical-based yoga is the most popular and has numerous styles. Hatha yoga classes are best for beginners since they are usually paced slower than other yoga styles. Hatha classes today are a classic approach to breathing and exercises. If you are brand-new to yoga, hatha yoga is a great entry point to the practice.




Kundalini Yoga: Do you feel like your life is slightly unbalanced and you want to get centered? If so, Kundalini you is for you! This type of yoga focuses on your spirituality and physical being. During this yoga practice you releases the energy in your body said to be trapped in the lower spine. These classes really work your core and breathing with fast moving. These classes also can involve chanting, mantra, and meditation.





Iyengar Yoga: Iyengar yoga focuses on alignment as well as detailed and precise movements. During this class, you will be taken through a series of postures while practicing breath control. Generally, poses are held for a long time while adjusting the minutiae of the pose. Iyengar relies heavily on props to help students perfect their form and go deeper into poses in a safe manner This style is really great for people with injuries who need to work slowly and methodically.


Which  yoga classes will you be attending?

Ciara Reveals How She Lost 50 Lbs In 5 Months After Second Pregnancy

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Following the birth of her daughter Sienna just one year ago, Ciara is back down to her pre-baby weight and is discussing how she managed to lose 50 of the 65 lbs. gained during her second pregnancy. The singer and mother of two told PEOPLE that she was determined to lose her post-baby weight as a goal she’d set for herself.

“I was even more fired up about getting my post-baby weight off [this time],” she said. “It was just my own personal goal that I set for myself. It’s a whole different animal when you have two kids, and it felt really good.”

Ciara says that she would work out two to three times a day with a trainer in between breastfeeding her daughter and school-runs with her son, calling it “the craziest system.”

“I would wake up, breastfeed, then get Future ready for school. Then after I take him to school, come back and work out. Then after I work out, breastfeed and go back and get Future from school. Come back and breastfeed, then go work out again,” Ciara says.

Revealing that she suffers from diastasis recti, a postpartum condition in which the large abdominal muscles separate, the “Body Party” singer says that she uses intense workouts as a way to reconnect the core muscles and retrain them.

“I have to work even harder. That’s a bit more intense,” she says about her core. “A lot more effort goes into it because your muscles bulge out differently, and you’re trying to reconnect the muscles and retrain them.”

Since losing 50 lbs. in nearly five months, Ciara has since slowed down her workout routine. And even though she would still like to lose a few more pounds, she admits that her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, likes the weight she’s picked up since having Sienna.

“I honestly like some of the hips that have come along with the post-baby weight,” she says. “I’m not trying to lose those. My husband has been showing me love on my hips, too. He likes them!”

Oprah Winfrey’s Weight Watchers Stock Value Worth More Than $400 Million

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After purchasing a 10% stake in Weight Watchers for a total of $43.5 million, Oprah Winfrey’s 2015 investment in the weight loss program is now worth $400 million.

When Oprah announced her investment in Weight Watchers back in October 2015, shares reportedly rose more than 80%. Also, providing insight into her 26-pound weight loss journey with the program caused company stocks to rise 20%. However, according to Black Enterprise, just a few months later Weight Watchers saw shares drop 30% after the company announced a quarterly loss of $11 million.

Consistently reporting earnings and sales, Weight Watchers has managed to top forecasts over the past few quarters, as well as seeing a spike in subscribers. As a result, stock recently surged 5%.

“Our purpose is to inspire healthy habits for real life for people, families, communities, the world,” says CEO Mindy Grossman. She added that “we want to own the healthy kitchen” and “make healthy cooking accessible to everyone.”

Oprah, who is still on the company’s board, owns nearly 5.5 million shares. But she sold about 2 million in March at prices ranging from about $58 to $64 a share. Winfrey made $110 million in the process. She also donated more than 360,000 shares to her charitable organization.

Weight Watchers shares were trading around $75 Friday (May 4) and are up an astonishing 70% this year. Winfrey invested in the stock when it was trading for less than $7.

Black-Owned Vegan Company Uses Amazon To Make Healthier Lifestyle Accessible To All

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As the vegan lifestyle continues to grow and more people are choosing a healthier diet, it is refreshing to see the wide variety of choices now being made available to those who have opted for clean eating.

As a way for the option of a healthier lifestyle to be made accessible to everyone, Claude Tellis and Kareem Cook, the founders of VeganSmart, a company that develops and sells plant-based protein powders and shakes, decided that working with distribution giant Amazon was the perfect way to provide quality products to underserved customers and introduce VeganSmart to Amazon’s extensively large customer base.

“It’s not fair that my mom from the Bronx, NY can’t walk around the corner and buy nutritious meals the same way a rich family on the Upper East Side of New York can,” says Cook.

According to Black Enterprise, after partnering with Amazon, other retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco wanted to be involved as distributors as well. 

“As a business owner you have to be forward thinking in order to ensure your company’s success,” said Tellis. “When other small businesses were avoiding Amazon, we knew working with them would allow us to reach wider customer base and attract potential retailers.”

After finding out that 86 million people are pre-diabetic (even with a $38 billion growing healthy food industry) largely due to the lack of access to clean and healthy food option, Tellis and Cook saw Amazon’s reach, its [Amazon] Prime membership, and its commitment to value as a great fit for their partnership.

With 70% of the over 1,200 verified purchasers giving the product a 5-star rating, VeganSmart ranks high in their search engine allowing the company to fully focus on fulfilling their mission.

Zoe Kravitz Talks ‘Big Little Lies’, Group Texts, & Tattoos In InStyle Magazine

The beautiful Zoe Kravitz has graced the cover of InStyle magazine. Kravitz has been killing it lately with her YSL Beauty and Tiffany & Co. fashion campaigns, role on the hit show Big Little Lies, and she has new music on the way. Kravitz sat down with her godmother Marisa Tomei for an interview for InStyle’s May issue. The issue has four vibrant covers.


Zoe and her Godmother discussed aging, beauty, how Zoe relaxes and how she regroups. Kravitz will be hitting 30 later this year and nothing is more important to her than feeling centered and beautiful on the inside.

“Beauty is so much what’s on the inside, as Hallmark-y as that may sound.” – Zoe Kravitz

Zoe is huge on self-expression and one of the ways that she shows her inner beauty on the outside is through tattoos.

“I think the fact that they’re permanent is such a wonderfully intense thing. It’s a deep way to adorn yourself, and I think they’re beautiful aesthetically. Even if you get a bad tattoo, it’s like…that’s where you were at that time.” – Zoe Kravitz

Just like the rest of us, Zoe loves her some coconut oil. It is her go-to beauty product is coconut oil.

“I love the idea of putting something on your body that you can eat and that smells like cupcakes … because girls are supposed to smell like cupcakes [laughs]. It’s my favorite thing in the world, coconut oil.” – Zoe Kravitz

Zoe also discussed her co-stars on Big Little Lies. She spilled on who was her “support system” and talked about how the cast kept in touch after the first season via group texts.

“Before we knew we were coming back for a second season, we kept in touch—group texts and emails and stuff like that. And I’ve spoken to [co-star] Reese [Witherspoon], who’s become one of my dearest friends, about so many aspects of my life.”

For more head over to InStyle.com

Beyonce Is Back On Her Fitness With A Plant-Based Diet

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Following the gradual release of Instagram posts showing the mother-of-three getting back into shape, Beyoncé revealed today (Friday, March 2) that she is returning to a plant-based diet ahead of Coachella next month (Apr 18). After withdrawing from her scheduled performance last year for the safety of her pregnancy with twins, Rumi and Sir (now 8 months), Bey is back in full effect.

The Lemonade superstar snapped a pic of avocado toast fit for the Queen, topped with red peppers and red onions, followed by the caption, “44 days until Coachella!! Vegan Time!!”

The Bey Hive knows this isn’t the first time their Queen has gone vegan, after trying it out with hubby, Jay-Z, for 22 days straight in 2013. In 2015, she wrote the forward to exercise physiologist, Marco Borge’s book, The 22-Day Revolution.

Borge books explains that it takes 21 days to change a habit. So, dieters would need to go vegan and alcohol-free for 22 days to see results and change their lifestyle (meaning the Formation singer is pulling double duty by starting a full 44 days before Coachella). The diet also suggests avoiding soy and gluten. To accompany the book and aid devotees in their weight loss efforts, Beyoncé also launched a prepared food line with Borges that year.

“I thought … I would feel deprived and hate food, that I would miss out on restaurants and celebrations, that I would get headaches and be irritable, etc. I was wrong about all of that,” the 36-year-old has said of the diet.

“What I discovered was increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, improved digestion, clarity and an incredibly positive feeling for my actions and the effects it would have on those around me and the environment.”

Mrs. Carter also released pics of her rehearsal, where she’s decked out in red Ivy Park and toned-up abs.

“I am not naturally the thinnest,” Beyoncé explained on Good Morning America. “I have curves. I’m proud of my curves and I have struggled since a young age with diets and finding something that actually works, actually keeps the weight off, has been difficult for me… I felt like my skin was really firm, a lot tighter than when I deprived myself of food and got the weight off fast… The weight stayed off.”

Needless to say, we’re all looking forward to Bey’s fit and fantastic Coachella appearance and the possibility of new material included in her set.

The Ladies Of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. Are On A Mission To Teach Black Girls How To Swim

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Black people not knowing how to swim is a well-known myth and stereotype that the ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. are on their way to dismantling. The sorority is keeping up with their mission of community service, civil and social action by embarking on a new mission that will save lives. The Greek organization has been partnering up with USA Swimming to host swim clinics around the country for the past 5 years to help teach young black kids how to swim. The initiative is called Swim 1992, in tribute to Sigma Gamma Rho’s founding year. It was created to address the high rate at which young black kids drown every year.

The ratio is alarming when it comes to comparing black kids who drown to any other races. These numbers are attributed to a number of factors including the fact that many neighborhoods with predominately black residents don’t have public swimming pools. We must also consider the historic segregation of African Americans from swimming pools that may have started a generational problem when it comes to swimming and/or learning how to swim. All of these factors and more contribute to the fact that black children drown 5.5 times more than other children.

Major thank you to Sigma Gamma Rho for taking it upon themselves to change this problem with a hands-on approach! #BlackGirlMagic

“Parents are taking their kids to pools and the beach, and so many of them don’t know how to swim. Anything could happen while they are in the water.” – Barbara Sawyer, president of the Baltimore chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho

Source: Blavity.com


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Angela Yee Opens Juices For Life In Brooklyn, New York

Angela Yee is known for co-hosting The Breakfast Club, known to be “The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show”. Yee, DJ Envy, and Charlamagne Tha God have been killing the radio game for years with their raw and uncut interviews and viral moments. Outside of The Breakfast Club, the co-hosts have gained their own success in different lanes. Yee is a boss on and off the airwaves, she is the owner of Juices For Life, a new juice bar in Brooklyn, New York located in Bedford-Stuyvesant or ‘Bed-Stuy’.

“Juicing is a social thing” – Angela Yee

Living in Bed-Stuy and being from Flatbush, Yee didn’t have much healthy food and drink options in her area. She opened Juices For Life for her fellow Brooklynites to be able to have access to all-natural and healthy drinks. Yee hasn’t always been a health freak, her childhood nickname was ‘Candy Ang’. Her house was filled with junk food and she drank soda every day. After a battle with high cholesterol in college, she decided to switch her diet up.

“You’re not gonna have frozen strawberries, you’re not going to have frozen berries, you’re not going to have frozen anything.” – Angela Yee

In September 2016, Juices for Life opened in Brooklyn as the franchises’ fourth location. According to a 2015 New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Community Health Profile, 64 percent of the population in Bed-Stuy is Black. One in three residents lives below the Federal Poverty Level. It is the eighth-poorest neighborhood in New York City. And 34 percent of adults consume 1 or more 12-ounce sugary drinks a day. Yee’s juice bar is found on Malcolm X Boulevard and it is surrounded by Bodegas filled with tobacco, candy, alcohol, soda, and processed foods.

“I’m just trying to it makes it more convenient to be healthier so there are no excuses” – Angela Yee

Not only is the juice bar super healthy and convenient it is also cheap. For $5 you can choose between 19 different juice combinations, with cute names like “Superthug”, an apple, lemon, ginger, and pineapple blend. While enjoying your juice you can also enjoy protein shakes, shots of wheat grass, and wi-fi. Juice bar can be a study or hangout spot for anyone looking to get their health on while enjoying some conversation with friends.

“You can do your work. You can have a meeting. Anything that it is that you need to do, you can do it in a nice comfortable safe space here.” – Angela Yee

Juices for Life plans to have special celebrity blends to attract people who are new to juicing.

“Kodak Black is going to be doing something here. The label is doing a Kodak Black Tunnel Vision drink.” – Angela Yee

Angela Yee wants to do her part in the Black community by creating healthy and unique options. Her goal isn’t to get rich, it’s to build a better and more healthy community. Your health is your wealth.

Congrats Yee, we can’t wait to give Juices for Life a try!