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Stanger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Deletes Twitter After Being Cyber Bullied

“Stranger Things” actress Millie Bobby Brown has deleted her Twitter account after becoming the target to some homophobic and hurtful cyber bullying.

Mashable …

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Shonda Rhimes Says ABC Made A ‘Human Choice’ By Canceling ‘Roseanne’ Following Racist Tweet

Shonda Rhimes certainly did not hold back when it came to voicing her opinion on ABC’s decision to pull the plug on Roseanne

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Myriam Chalek’s #MeToo Fashion Show Meshes Fashion & Activism

The #MeToo Movement did not miss a beat during this year’s New York Fashion Week. On February 9th, the movement took center stage as women …

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What Happened To #NkosinathiNkomo? South African Student Engineer Finds Solution To Help The Drought Crisis & Is Mysteriously Killed Moments After

The story of Nkosinathi Nkomo is still unsolved. If you aren’t up to date with the news, we’ll catch you up. Nkoshinathi Nkomo …

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Is Doritos New Marketing Reminding Women To Be Seen, Not Heard The Best Choice During The #MeToo Movement?

Doritos, the vibrantly flavored tortilla chip has announced they are working on a girl version of their popular snack.

During an interview with …

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Woman To Sue Walmart For Discrimination For Locking Up Hair Products

Social media continues to be used as a tool to get information out and seek justice. Last week, a woman posted a video of the …

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Mo’Nique Calls Out Racial and Gender Bias With Netflix Deal and Correlates Her BlackBalling To The #MeToo Movement

  “How come I’m $12.5 different than Amy Schumer?”

Decorated actress and Queen of Comedy Mo’Nique recently called out streaming giant …

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CNN Correspondent Van Jones Provides A Sense of Hope Following Election Night

Passionate CNN correspondent Van Jones had some powerful things to say last evening as it became a reality that Donald Trump will become the 45th …