Sephora Launches “Bold Beauty For The Transgender Community”

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Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. That is why Sephora has announced a new program that focuses on creating a safe space and building confidence for transgender clients. Launching in June which is also LGBTQA pride month, the “Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community is a free 90 minute beauty workshop for created especially for transgender or non-binary people to learn about techniques and products to fit and empower their beauty. finish. Trans-sensitive instructors will teach all sessions.

According to the company’s press release the “Bold Beauty For The Transgender Community classes will feature Personalized skincare advice tailored to their needs, application techniques for creating smooth texture and color-correcting areas of concern, complexion tips and assistance in finding their best shade of foundation, using Sephora’s Color iQ system, a one-of-a-kind technology that scans the surface of skin and assigns it a Color iQ number for scientifically-precise product recommendations

“Sephora Stands is dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusion in all of its social impact programming. We stand with all members of the LGBTQA community and are committed to providing these individuals with the tools they want to feel confident and beautiful every single day,” said Corrie Conrad, Head of Social Impact and Sustainability for Sephora. “At Sephora, we believe beauty is yours to define, and ours to celebrate. We are honored to be a beacon of support and a part of each beauty journey through our new class offering.”

“Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community” classes will be available throughout the country in participating stores, and all friends, families and allies are welcome to join. For those unable to attend a class, Sephora Stands’ YouTube channel will offer several how-to video tutorials, led by Transgender Sephora Beauty Advisors, to serve as additional resources for LGBTQA community members.

“Bold Beauty For The Transgender Community” is apart of Sephora’s Stands Classes For Confidence program. You can sign up for the beauty class through Sephora’s website and through LGBTQA organizations.

Activist First, Model Second: Adwoa Aboah Talks Mental Health & Activism

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Adwoa Aboah is bringing about a new look to the modeling industry. Aboah’s shaved head, freckles, and jeweled tooth set her apart from some of the supermodels that we have seen before. After her cover debut on British Vogue, Aboah who is 25 years old has fronted campaigns for Chanel, Burberry, and Revlon. She has also won the British Fashion Council award for coveted Model of The Year, which was given to Kate Moss and other amazing supermodels. In may she stayed at the Met Gala alongside Donatella Versace and Cindy Crawford.

With this lengthy resume, Aboah says she no longer puts limits on herself. She grew up in London with a Ghanian father, she thought there was no room in the fashion industry for girls like her, but that has proven to be false!

The journey to get to where she is today has not been easy Aboah said that she lived completely in fear as a teenager. She suffered from anxiety and depression to the point where she started using drugs like ketamine to cope. overcame insecurities, anxiety, and depression. Aboah went on to pursue her career with lots of unsolved internal issues which went on to a failed suicide attempt that left her in a comma in 2015.

Aboah entered treatment and discovered the power of therapy:  “Having a frank conversation about what’s going on in your life helps you stop feeling alone.” She went on to co-found Gurls Talk, an organization that aims to create spaces for women to come together, both online and in person, to discuss mental health, body image and sexuality. “In the beginning, there were small things. Maybe it was not feeling attractive at school,” she says of her depression. “But what we concentrate on in Gurls Talk is that these small things need to be as important as the big things.”

Aboah says that her activism for mental health is more than just a trend. “Before I even decided that I wanted to model, I decided that I would take on the responsibility of activism,” she says. In a speech at the start of London Fashion Week in February, Aboah spoke out against sexual harassment and exploitation in the fashion industry. She called upon fashion insiders to “help change the system that has allowed such rampant abuse of power.” Speaking to TIME, Aboah—who has never been a victim herself—added: “If we can keep constant pressure, all of those monsters will be pushed out” she tells TIME.

Aboah calls herself an activist before a model. She plans to continue advocating for mental health and women all around the world by bringing Gurls Talk to Ghana.


Summer 2018 Nail Trends That Every #CivilChick Should Try

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Most of us ladies love and appreciate a beautiful nail trend or color. As the summer approaches and our toes and nails will be out for the world to see, we have to make sure that we slay when it comes to our nails. Nails are fun and a great way to express yourself outside of your hair and outfit choices. Most of us love to ask our man or our best friends, “How should I do my nails this time?” or “What nail color do you think I should get?” Well, guess what? has got you covered with the latest and most poppin’ nail trends for this summer! Rock these with your sandals and sundresses all Summer 2018.

Summer 2018 Nail Trends

A Bright Orange color is fun, bold, and screams that you’re living your best life and don’t care who has a problem with it .

Checker Board nails are edgy but fun, great for the office. This is a classic french mani with a splash of black to create a different mood.

Texture Play on Play, this look plays with matte and shiny nail polishes creating a new and creative dynamic.

Feeling Wavy?, Play with different colors to create waves on your nails to create an playful and sassy look.

White, Twitter has been raving about the age old phenomenon of the classic white toe nail pedicure. It’s cute, it’s flirty, and it’s angelic.

Metallic With A Stretch, If you leave the bottom near the cuticle without polish you will be able to stretch this look out forever without needing a refill.

Nothing But Neutrals, Paint every nail with a different natural color to create a fun but neutral and professional look.

Colorful French Tips, This look is here to stay and looks gorgeous on shorter nails. Spice up your usual french tip with a new summer pastel.

Rihanna Announces Launch Date For The Second Half Of Her “Beach, Please” Collection

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Days after Rihanna released her “Savage X Lingerie” line, Rihanna is back to take some more of our coins. If you are like me then you have been patiently waiting for Rihanna and Fenty Beauty to drop the second half of her “Beach, Please” Collection so she can take them! The first half of the collection consists of two limited edition Body Lava Luminizer that are gel based body luminizers made to “veil skin in a gloriously dewy,” high shine finish for a sunlit glow. Earlier today (May 14) The Bad Gal took to Instagram to give us a sneak peak on what we can expect from her summer line. In an caption she wrote “Full #BEACHPLEASE summer collection coming on May 21st!!! #KILLAWATTFOILS and limited edition Lip Luminzers and Eye Shimmers at @fentybeauty, @Sephora, @harveynichols and #SephoraInJCP


If you were watched the 10- Minute Guide to Going- Out Makeup tutorial Rihanna did in conjunction with herVogue interview closely, at the 4: 53 mark she applies one of her eye shadow/blush duos because it says “summer, sunset, love, drama bitches.”


The full “Beach, Please” Collection is set to be released on May 21,2018 at Sephora and on the Fenty Beauty Website. What part of the “Beach Please” Collection are you most looking forward to?

Yelitsa Jean-Charles Wins Startup Stampede’s $100k Grand Prize For ‘Healthy Roots’ Dolls

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Yelitsa Jean-Charles, the founder of Healthy Roots Dolls, took home Startup Stampede’s grand prize of $100,000 in marketing services from McKinney on Monday (May 7) at Durham’s American Underground startup hub.

Healthy Roots is a toy company that creates dolls and storybooks that teach natural hair care to young girls of color. Yelitsa says the dolls come in different skin tones, facial features, and hair textures to show the beauty of all black girls.

“I created this company so girls could have the dolls that I didn’t have growing up,” she told Essence.

Startup Stampede, a business incubator and pitch competition, helps the curated group of promising young companies better position themselves to earn a piece of the fast-growing consumer products market. Nine promising CPG companies participated in the two-month long event, sponsored by American Underground, NC IDEA, and McKinney.

“The Startup Stampede created an open and supportive community,” said Yelitsa Jean-Charles. “This made it possible for me to ask the questions and get the feedback I needed from people who had my best interest in mind because they were personally invested in my success and want to see everyone flourish. I’m excited about working with McKinney because, as a creative, I have immense respect for the work they do and what Healthy Roots can learn from them.”

Jenny Nicholson, a Creative Director at McKinney, says she was drawn in by Yelitsa’s intense hustle and is excited to help young women of color embrace their natural beauty.

“It was amazing seeing people present companies they’d borne from their own vision,” said Jenny. “As a mother of a young girl, I am excited to support Yalitsa and to help young women of color embrace their natural beauty. As an advertiser, I was attracted to the power of her story and the intensity of her hustle.”

Short Hairstyles You’ll Fall In Love With This Summer

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As temperatures continue to climb and summer just seven weeks away, a lot of women (including myself) are searching for what may become our signature summer look. And if you’re a woman who is looking for fun ways to incorporate summer into her daily life, starting with a brand new look may be exactly what you need!

In the summertime, women tend to opt for shorter hairstyles due to the heat, which prompted me to gather a short hair appreciation post. Whether you’re into braids, bundles, bobs or pixie cuts, this post features short hairstyles to accommodate everyone. I believe we can all agree that there has always been a certain level of fierceness and confidence associated with shorter hairstyles and these gorgeous women prove that you can slay all of these looks and do so effortlessly!

Tapered Cut

Tapered cuts are perfect for women who are looking for natural hairstyles with a bit of edge and versatility.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a great example of rocking a short and fun hairstyle without having to cut your natural hair. It also makes the summertime heat and humidity easier to deal with. You can keep it simple with Bantu knots all over (right) or you can create a fun and flirty look like the one seen on YouTube beauty vlogger Missy Lynn (left) by creating Bantu knots in the front and leaving the back curly and free.

Pixie Cut

A pixie cut, which requires minimal maintenance, is only for the bold, fearless, and confident woman. There is a different level of self-confidence seen in a woman who can rock a classic pixie cut and I think we can agree that both of these women slayed this look!

Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetical bob has to be one of my favorite short hairstyles. This versatile cut not only frames the face, but can be worn with a middle part, side part, straight, curly, and has so much body!

Braided Bob

It’s no secret that black women use braids as a way to escape from all of the maintence that we have to perform daily on our natural hair, not to mention it is also a protective style yet very creative. The braided bob is a look that has grown on me over the last couple of years and like any braided style, would be ideal for the upcoming summer months!

Here Are Five Perfect Summertime Highlighters You Can Invest In

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With us officially being in springtime and summertime slowly approaching, I think that it is safe to say that we are officially in highlighter season. If you are new to the highlighting game or simply just want to add some new products to your collection, here is a list of five highlighters that are sure to have you shimmering like the Glow Queen you were destined to be!


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter One thing I can say about Becca is they always get it right. They have a large range of foundation shades, and this highlighter is no different. What sets the formula apart from the typical powder highlighters is that it blends pigments with liquids, creating a creamy feel. This highlighter is perfect for someone who works a 9-5 because it doesn’t leave a glittery finish.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife: After makeup artist Alissa Ashley reaction video to “Trophy Wife” at the Fenty Launch Party went viral on Twitter much like myself, everyone else knew they had to have it. Unlike her other Killawatt Highlighters, which are sold as a duo and leave you with a shimmer finish, Trophy Wife is packaged solo and has a 3D hyper-metallic gold finish making this product the perfect highlight for parties and celebrations. Trophy Wife applies as a cream but dries into powder instantly. It’s loaded with superfine shimmer for an ultra-smooth, creamy texture. It also serves multiple purposes. You can use Killawatt on your eyes, lips, and collarbone!

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skin stick: Personally, I feel like I am biased to Fenty Products but they are everything! The Match Stixs come in 10 different shades. They are magnetized makeup sticks with a long-wear, light-as-air shimmer formula. This product also has multiple uses. You can highlight, blush, and bronze with them. They are small, which means they will not take up too much space in your makeup bag.

Artist Couture x Jackie Aina Diamond Glow Powder Highlighter: I’ve been a fan of Jackie Aina for a while now. Recently, Jackie announced her  partnership with Sephora to launch her limited edition shimmering loose diamond highlighter powder to purchase online. I was so  thrilled that I accidentally ordered “La Peach” instead of “La Bronze.” When “La Peach” arrived, I was in awe. Everything down to the packing, which has a rose gold top and Jackie’s signature, is perfect. “La Peach” is the perfect combination of champagne, peach, and rose gold tones, which makes it wearable for all skin tones.

Cover FX Illuminating Prime & Set Kit: This set is perfect for women who love the makeup no makeup look. This trio includes an illumining primer, setting spray and the custom enhancer drops. These essentials are important for a long wearing highlighted complexion look.


What highlighters will you be wearing this summer?

Pinterest Launches New Beauty Search Function For Different Skin Tones

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As a daily Pinterest user, it excites me beyond words to share with you that the online pinboard platform has launched a new beauty feature that allows users the option to search for beauty-related content with a search function that filters results based on your skin tone!

According to a Pinterest study, 70 percent of people use (or have used) the platform to search for beauty looks and tutorials. In the past, browsing makeup pins relative to your skin tone required you to be very word specific, but now it’s just as simple as the click of a button.

To access the tool, you simply need to log onto the site, then type “beauty” into the search bar. At the top-left corner, you’ll then be able to select one of four shade range wheels that include light, medium, tan, and dark. From there, you’ll see a refreshed version of search results that are a closer fit for your skin tone.

According to an article on Pinterest’s engineering blog, the tool employs technology from ModiFace, a company specializing in augmented reality and machine learning, to detect digitally built paint chips that each represent skin tone. Those chips then correspond to existing pins so they appear in search quicker. To respect users’ privacy, Pinterest does not store your shade searches, so you’ll need to input them each time.

Pinterest’s head of Discovery Product, Omar Seyal, tells Teen Vogue“We think of Pinterest as a visual discovery engine, because Pinners come to find ideas they want to try in their lives… In fact, many people describe using Pinterest as ‘me time,’ when they’re focused on themselves and the things they want to do. We want to make discovery as inclusive as possible so that anyone in the world can find personally relevant ideas.”

I just tested this new feature and I must admit, it’s pretty awesome.

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‘Hype Hair’ Magazine Editor Launches Beauty Directory For Women of Color

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In many industries around the world, black entrepreneurship is steadily on the rise and more people are looking to spend money on black-owned businesses. And following stories of mistreatment and racial discrimination against African Americans across the U.S., I believe that taking the steps necessary to ensure that our money is being spent where it will be appreciated is long overdue.

In addition to the Official Black Wall Street app, which was created by Mandy Bowman for consumers to buy black and business owners to sell black, there is yet another U.S.-based directory for black-owned business to be excited about. Stephenetta Harmon, Editor & Digital Media Director at Hype Magazine has launched Sadiaa, an online directory for beauty and hair care.

According to Our BK is a comprehensive digital platform that aims to be a one-stop hair and beauty resource, including business profiles, news, events and product reviews. Sadiaa has listed more than 200 businesses, including over 100 black-owned beauty supply stores, with plans to grow exponentially throughout the year. The site offers both free and paid listing options for black-owned businesses.

You also have the option to submit a business to the website’s directory.

“I have met women all over the country, who like me, are not just searching for where to get our hair done, but all aspects of beauty — from where to find Black-owned beauty supply stores and hair care brands to fashion and dermatologists,” Harmon said in a press release. “We were all frustrated to learn that a directory dedicated to black beauty didn’t already exist in the US. That’s why I created Sadiaa – to make beauty easy and accessible.”

Kerry Washington Debuts Cosmetics Line With Neutrogena

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Kerry Washington may star on Scandal hit television show yet her off-screen makeup looks are drama-free.  Washington who’s red carpet beats are fresh faced glamour has created a makeup line with beauty brand Neutrogena.

Washington’s collaboration with Neutrogena includes eye and cheek palettes featuring bold, subtle hues. Kerry Washington has worked with Neutrogena since 2013 as a brand ambassador and creative consultant yet this marks her first original collection.

“On a busy day, if I keep these two essential palettes in my purse at all times — I can have other products that I toss in and out — but if I have these two, I’m armed with everything I need, no matter who I am, no matter where I’m going,” Washington says to Allure.

“I wanted it to work for everybody, for every situation, to take the complexity out of it and just have your essential kit.”

You can get your hands on the both palettes by shopping with Ulta stores or

Kerry Washington And Neutrogena Join Forces For Makeup Collab

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As if the news of the Aaliyah and MAC Cosmetics collaboration wasn’t exciting enough, there is now another beauty partnership to be on the lookout for, which will be available exclusively at Ulta.

Actress Kerry Washington took to social media to tease at a new makeup collaboration with Neutrogena. Although the two have been very secretive about exactly what that product is, a photo on the Neutrogena website suggests that it could be an eyeshadow palette, but that has not been confirmed.

Whatever it is, Neutrogena describes it as an essential that is inspired by you and curated by Kerry Washington. The makeup collaboration will be released on April 8th.

Zoe Kravitz Talks ‘Big Little Lies’, Group Texts, & Tattoos In InStyle Magazine

The beautiful Zoe Kravitz has graced the cover of InStyle magazine. Kravitz has been killing it lately with her YSL Beauty and Tiffany & Co. fashion campaigns, role on the hit show Big Little Lies, and she has new music on the way. Kravitz sat down with her godmother Marisa Tomei for an interview for InStyle’s May issue. The issue has four vibrant covers.


Zoe and her Godmother discussed aging, beauty, how Zoe relaxes and how she regroups. Kravitz will be hitting 30 later this year and nothing is more important to her than feeling centered and beautiful on the inside.

“Beauty is so much what’s on the inside, as Hallmark-y as that may sound.” – Zoe Kravitz

Zoe is huge on self-expression and one of the ways that she shows her inner beauty on the outside is through tattoos.

“I think the fact that they’re permanent is such a wonderfully intense thing. It’s a deep way to adorn yourself, and I think they’re beautiful aesthetically. Even if you get a bad tattoo, it’s like…that’s where you were at that time.” – Zoe Kravitz

Just like the rest of us, Zoe loves her some coconut oil. It is her go-to beauty product is coconut oil.

“I love the idea of putting something on your body that you can eat and that smells like cupcakes … because girls are supposed to smell like cupcakes [laughs]. It’s my favorite thing in the world, coconut oil.” – Zoe Kravitz

Zoe also discussed her co-stars on Big Little Lies. She spilled on who was her “support system” and talked about how the cast kept in touch after the first season via group texts.

“Before we knew we were coming back for a second season, we kept in touch—group texts and emails and stuff like that. And I’ve spoken to [co-star] Reese [Witherspoon], who’s become one of my dearest friends, about so many aspects of my life.”

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