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This Teen’s Struggle With Depression Led To Her and Brother To Create App To Help Others

When Hannah Lucas was diagnosed last year with a medical condition that caused frequent fainting, she felt scared and alone.

“I …

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Patrisse Cullors The Co-Founder Of #BlackLivesMatter Talks About The Movement & Being Called A Terrorist

The co-founder of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Patrisse Cullors recently sat down with Ebro on Hot 97 for an exclusive interview. Patrisse is 1/3 …

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Little Miss Flint Is Raising Money For Flint Area Children To See ‘Black Panther’ Film

Black Panther debuts in theaters nationwide February 12th, and many are doing everything they can to ensure young black children are able to …

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NAACP Files Lawsuit Against Trump Administration Over Ending Protected Status For Haitians

The Donald Trump presidency has come with unfortunate unprecedented and unwelcome changes to society.  As many step up and take sides, vocally speaking out and …

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Janelle Monae Delivers Passionate Speech Declaring #TimesUp In The Music Industry

Abusive and intimidating behavior in Hollywood has existed forever and now, will no longer be tolerated. Hollywood’s elite have banded together to form the #TimesUp …

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Four Judges Of Delta Sigma Theta And Alpha Kappa Alpha Come Together To Fight The Prison Pipeline

Have you ever seen AKA’s and Delta’s come together for the greater good? Well, these four Dallas judges are truly defining sisterhood with their newest …

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Ciara Joins Why Not You Foundation’s Board Of Directors As Vice President

Ciara’s new title allows her to spread positivity on a new level. The Grammy award winning performer takes a seat on the directors board for the …

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This GoFundMe Campaign Aims To Raise Money To Supply Heat In Baltimore Classrooms

During this cold weather season, unless conditions are treacherous, daily life continues. Adults go to work and children go to school under the premise the …