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Five Books That Will Help You Live Your Best Life

We are almost half way through the year. With that being said are their any goals that set for New Years that have now fallen …

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11-year-old Khloe Thompson Releases Socially Conscious Children’s Book

Meet 11 year old Khloe Thompson who is the founder  Khloe Kares, an organization founded with love to serve the …

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Zora Neale Hurston “Barracoon” Has Finally Been Published

Imagine being captured from your home and transported to unfamiliar territory where you are faced with the option to either be killed or become someone …

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Here Are 5 Simple Strategies To Help You When You’re Feeling Anxious at Work

If you are like me, there are days when you truly dread going to work. Dealing with deadlines, making sure your performance is always up …

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Beyonce Challenges Fans To Join Her Vegan Lifestyle

After snapping back from having twins, and rejoining the lineup at Coachella as a headliner, Beyoncé delivered an almost two hour jaw dropping …

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5 Tips To Help Cope With Stress & Depression

Life comes at you fast. One day you are roaming through the hallways of high school without a care in the world. In the blink …

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It’s Time To #MuteRKelly

To Our Fellow Women of Color:

We see you. We hear you. Because we are you.

For too long, …

Kristen Bell, Josina Anderson, and Dominique Moceanu Canales Honor 23 Gymnast In Their Fight Against Abuse

The foundation for Global Sports Development presented a historical event honoring heroes in gymnastics. On Saturday, April 28, the Foundation for Global Sports Development hosted …