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Bronx High School Embraces Hip Hop In A New Way

By Posted on 0 1 m read

There’s a high school in Bronx, New York who’s embracing a new tool for counseling by using the hip hop culture.

According to New York Times, New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science II is encouraging their students to write and record original rap songs in order to better cope with grief, anger and the hardships of life.

The article reports how “hip-hop therapy” is being used with teenagers in the Bronx and in other parts of the country as part of an expanding education movement.

17-year old, Jason Alcequiez says how hip-hop therapy has helped him by writings and rapping songs about fights with his parents as well as a girlfriend who broke up with him. Jason adds, “I’m not one of those people who would get sentimental about my feelings and talk about my feelings. I’d rather write it out in music.”

To get more familiar with hip-hop therapy and how it’s helping many Bronx students, head over to N.Y Times.


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