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Brandy Sings On An NYC Subway In Incognito, And No One Notices

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Brandy Norwood has come a long way, and been a sensation in music for nearly two decades now.

Despite her fame and recent Chicago stardom, the singer and actress still couldn’t seem to grasp the attention of the tough crowd on a New York City subway car, where she performed in incognito.

Sporting a backpack, with a hoodie and glasses, Brandy stepped onto the subway at 72nd St. on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where she tried to talk up the pack of people on board.

As no one seemed to notice her, or care for her comments, she started to sing a soft, but beautiful, song, with her even recognizing how much she sang her heart out.

Afterwards, she questioned her performance to those around her, who brushed her off, except for one man, who gave her advice on performing for a crowd, and keeping their attention.

Unfortunately, it looks like he still didn’t seem to realize who he was talking to. The video ends with Brandy getting off the train, laughing off what would be a disappointment to an on-the-rise artist.

See the video of Brandy singing on the subways below.


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