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Body As Temple… And Magnet?: Man Magnets iPod To Wrist

By Posted on 3 2 m read

These days are definitely proving to show a new generation.  But the question as to whether or not we are “improved” remains to be a mystery.  Well, the answer is up to you.  Do you think it’s cool or foolish to have a walking piece of art (tattoos)?  Would you agree that it’s unique or silly to have a body full of piercings?  And–the true question on mind– is it genuinely genius or foolish to have a handy dandy magnetic wrist in the Age of Technology?

For the 21 year old known as Mr. Hurban, it’s the former: genius.  In an interview with The Telegraph, he detailed his move as the “next thing” that “no one has done” but “everyone is looking for.”

With his How-To Video receiving nearly 900,000+ views to date, there seems to be a hell of a lot of interested people, but will it become the new “thing”?

Is the body something that should be considered sacred and temple, or is it time for us to accept the growth and continuation of our art and expression?

For centuries, especially for the marginalized of the world, bodies have served as the place in which the most weak have showcased their most blatant insecurities through the most powerful; from castration to chauvinism and misogyny. So, the taking back of the body, the reclaiming it and reshaping it as art allows it the face of an individual temple; one of your own liking.

But just as cosmetic surgery has been frowned upon, is it the same for implanting objects into your body as a magnet? For the easy handling of an iPod, of all things? While this behavior comes off as a tactic to use the body as an instrument for consumerism, there’s also the debate of art and growth within technology.

So, we’re not too sure where we stand with this. But we’d love to hear your opinion. What would you say is the way to live civil in this debate?




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