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Black History Month (Day 14): Kendrick Lamar

Black History Month can’t pass without recognizing Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick has been a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. His hot lyrics and undeniable confidence has made him an irreplaceable player in music. One major key to his success is his ability to reach today’s youth, to give hope through tough times.

K Dot has a niche for relating to anyone, but mostly the black community, facing troubles with the frequent cases of police brutality and killings. His track “Alright” was dedicated to uplifting them and maintaining strength throughout the community. Regardless of its controversy, the impact of this one song was so great, it has been considered an “anthem” for black power awareness by followers of the Black Lives Matter Movement. The 2016 Grammy nomination for it wasn’t a bad addition to its success, either.

Recently with all the inspiration he has spread, Compton Mayor Aja Brown was happy to honor the native artist with a key to the city. Mayor Brown explained his “consciousness” and desire to bring knowledge to the youth, like helping those suffering from mental illness, made it an easy decision.

With eleven Grammy nominations under is belt this year, we wish Kendrick Lamar good luck and Happy Black History Month!


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