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Black History Month Appreciation (Day 7): Zendaya Coleman

After paying her dues on Disney Channel, Zendaya Coleman is all grown up and has become one of the most respected young ladies in Hollywood.

The 19-year-old has not only shown us that she’s full of wisdom, but knows what it means to be a young Black woman in today’s world. This is why we’ve chosen to spotlight her for Day 7 of our #LiveCivilBHM series.

At such a young age, Zendaya has a deep understanding of being a positive role model, her culture, and women empowerment in general. From her gorgeous looks to her envious sense of style, the Oakland native has won over many people with her ideas, beliefs, and attitude.

Zendaya became one of the most outspoken celebrities last year, when she schooled TV personality Giuliana Rancic on natural hair. If you recall, the E! News alumni had a few comments to say about the singer’s faux locks at the Oscars. Responding with grace, Zendaya clapped back with a mature open letter insightful to Rancic, showing her who the bigger person was.

The “Watch Me” singer also shut down a bully who attacked her parents. Someone tweeted a photo about her and her parents with a shady, disrespectful comment and Zendaya didn’t hesitate in swinging right back. She praised her parents for being selfless and hardworking teachers that devoted themselves to educating “shallow” children like the one who tweeted the photo. Again, done with grace.

Another thing we admire about Zendaya is that she reps her culture like no other. Rather than running from her race, she’s leading the millennial to fully embrace the diverse of color and culture. In several occasions, the German, Scottish, Iceland, and Nigerian heritage has highly been outspoken about her appreciation for learning about her roots.

The recent high school graduate has also been an advocate for the feminist movement and women empowerment. For quite some time, the 19-year-old has been making feminist statements through her social media platforms, standing up for what she believes in.

Over all, Zendaya Coleman is a true voice for this new generation and we thank her for that.

Happy Black History Month and stay tuned for the next installment of our #LiveCivilBHM series tomorrow!


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